How come Top Shop have their own radio station?

Paris, January 2005, originally uploaded by mooosh.

As I had a pretty lame photo for Sixth Thing, I thought I’d do a variation and pick the sixth photo from my sixth flickr set to write about as an added bonus.

This is a photo from mine and Lee’s trip to Paris 4 years ago. On the whole it was a pretty miserable trip as I managed to injure my foot about 30 seconds after we arrived, it was MEGA cold and snowed a lot (not good snow, just very wet snow) and everyone was very rude to us.

Paris itself though was lovely – if they could only have cleared the Parisians out for us. This photo is taken from the top of the Champs Elysee at L’arc de Triomphe. It was coming up to sunset and the sky was pretty. We had a mosey around and I seem to recall that evening we had pizza for dinner which was served with a raw egg in the middle. It was not one our best trips but it was still fun as we always make the best of these things.

As it happens, we haven’t been on holiday for forever. I think the last place we went was Cincinnati and then Poland, which I don’t count as holidays as they were both family things (they were both fun!). So we’ve been discussing proper lie in the sun holidays and we’re hopefully going back to Kos in May. It’s beautiful there, the weather is fantastic, the food is great and it’s mucho cheap for a break. So hopefully we can save some cash to do that.

A bientot!


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