Do you know how much it costs to get a tree surgeon? You may as well just buy a new tree.

Guh. I feel like all I post on here these days is round-up posts apologising for my lengthy absence. This post is no different, I’m afraid. January is traditionally a sleepy, quiet month but this year’s opener has been so busy I’ve barely stopped!

So, we left off last time the day before me and Jo went to the auction. It was really good fun! Anita off the telly was doing it, as it is her auction room. Imagine, just 10 mins walk from my house! We saw some fantastic furniture but we didn’t buy anything although I did bid on something. It was most thrilling, waving my catalogue and trying to look not too excited. I’ll definitely go back again.

What else? Mostly working. It’s been a busy week chez subtitles and I have spent 5 solid days subtitling Ready Steady Cook and growing to hate Ainsley Harriott a little bit more each day. I never realised how much utter SHITE he spouts at every opportunity! Although, to be fair, I don’t think he realises he’s doing it, either.

 As a consequence of this week’s work, I now know everything there is to know about Toby Anstis and his twin sister, who he is unnaturally close to and also that they used to burn heretics in Amersham in the 1500s.

I have been embroidering like a demon to try and get the order for the nice shop in Newcastle finished and it is finally done. Just need to frame them all up and we are laughing. I’ve also completed most of the pieces for the UK DIY exhibition at the Turnpike Gallery in Wigan which is opening in a couple of weeks. Most exciting!

Have got a few custom orders to work on after that and also Say No To Plastic next Sunday which I really need to get some stock together for. I am sadly working, but Lee is kindly manning the stall for me, so please pop in and say hello if you are passing Oran Mor between 12 and 3!

Today was a very nice day – me and marceline and jo went to Edinburgh for lunch at Monster Mash.  We had a very nice time, just catching up, having a wander round some shops and generally just moseying along. I am very sleepy now though as it was very windy and I feel a bit weatherbeaten.

I’ve come home to the smells of Indian delights being cooked in the kitchen though, which is certainly perking me up. Lee had his first Indian cookery lesson last week – he found a local guy who used to have his own Indian restaurant in Chamonix who comes to your house and teaches you techniques and recipes tailored to what you like to eat. He was such a nice guy and the results are amazing! So, we’re having some more of it this evening – just sampled some homemade vegetable pakora which is divine!

Tomorrow I really must get on with crafty things – no rest for the wicked! I’ve also got some product shots to take if the weather holds out for a new online stockist – more on that later!

Now I must go and finish off some sewing and prepare for a feast!


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