No, I don’t like rolls, too much bread in them

It’s day in the life!

0815 Awake from deep slumber to find some foam ear plugs in my hand and one of my t shirts under my pillow. What on earth was going on last night? I do recall waking myself up laughing at something hilarious in my dream, but I have forgotten what it was.

0900 In bath, reading book and contemplating what to wear today. I really need new clothes. I bought some shoes yesterday for a bargain £3 whilst on the great Ayrshire charity shop breenj with Tracey (altho the shoes are from DP). Perhaps those.  Scrub at the marks left by the heart monitor the other day on my ribcage. They are very itchy. Ugh.

0945 Out of bath, brushing teeth. Lee is aghast that I’ve been in bath for less than 3 hours. Have things to do today though, so must press on.

1030 Done hair, now checking emails and stuff. Nothing too exciting to report, reply to email from nice lady about a custom order.

1110 Getting coat out of cupboard, putting on new scarf and my hat. I got my hat in Primark, kings of the mass production but yet no-one else seems ot have it. Strange. Check out my mushrooms that I am growing in the cupboard under the stairs (we don’t have stairs, but if we did, this cupboard would be under them). They have shot up since yesterday and I reckon in another few days we’ll have our first crop.

1115 Leave house with my bag of parcels to be posted. It’s sunny and not too cold outside, which is nice. Get to post office and there is no queue for first time ever! Get Amarjit, the lady who always gets me. I think we both know she hates her job. Struggle through the transaction, posting orders to Australia, Germany and Edinburgh. Post Lee’s passport application which Amarjit does not let me do any way other than Special Delivery.

1145 Walk along Dumbarton Road, stopping in the many, many charity shops for scrabble sets for Tracey, as we found none yesterday. Don’t find any but note that the Cat’s Protection League shop is open for once. Resolve to go in when I get back from my mystery date.

1205 On train to Bearsden. It is but 11 minutes from Partick to Bearsden by train – fact! Read a bit of my book. Make lists of things to do in my magic notebook and update my monkey diary.

1215 In bar place waiting for my old boss who has invited me for lunch. Now, I don’t know about you, but I found it a little surprising to receive the invitation. But it turns out to be fun. We have a lot to talk about as it happens, as she’s starting her own handmade handbag business. We talk in-depth about sewing machines, shops, wholesalers and before we know it, almost 2 hours have passed!

1410 On train back to Partick. Briefly discuss by text with Lee going into town to meet him, but decide instead to go home as a) it’s chucking it down and b) the aforementioned new shoes are pinching a bit.

1430 Moseying along road and into Cat’s Protection charidee shop. By the door they have a plastic tub with 19 tea cups in it. I buy them all for a bargain knockdown price. Hurrah!

1445 It’s really hammering down now and I am soaked to the bones from the knees down. Stop in at my local charity shop. They get new stuff every day and I’ve been getting some great stuff recently. Today I bag 3 little cross stitch hoops for £1.50 and a great vintage book for one of my New Ideas.

1500 At home. Get into my pyjamas as my jeans are soaked. Am quite hungry, so make some sausage rolls. Eat some whilst watching Jeremy Kyle and despondently think of all the things I have to do. Consider checking email but think I am better off not knowing.

1630 Finish off a What Would Delia Do? and get on with another. Lee arrives home bearing a lovely bunch of lillies for me. He is a Nice Man.  Cracking on with the sewing.

1700 Watching Terry Wogan on telly is excruciating.  Cracking on with Delia. Stop to flick through a book for a bit.

1730 Finish Delia numero 2, start a breakdance. Come Dine With Me is on. This is essential viewing. Hating on Paul Ross even more than his deeply unattractive brother.

1745 Realise I am on the wrong word. Pick out progress so far and start again.

1830 Making good headway. Pop out to shop for refreshments, lottery ticket and phone top up so I can text Jo back. We are going to an auction tomorrow, our collective first time. Very exciting!

1900 Decide to take a break from sewing to check email. There is another custom order, on an irish theme. Hurrah! Add to list of 18 million things to do.

1920 Dinner’s ready! Lee has made chicken stuffed with tarragon and caramelised onion cheese with coconut rice with aduki beans. It sounds worthy of Masterchef and it tastes even better.  Scoff the lot.

2000 Emailing my friend Alex who’s just got his visa approved for the states. Him and his wife Rebecca and little baby Aidan are moving to Texas, where Rebecca is from. I am green with envy, but really quite delighted that they’re off on a big adventure.

2030 Blogging this early as I know the rest of the evening will consist of sewing and then going to bed!

Bit of a mundane one really. Remember to leave a comment when you’ve done yours so we can all read it!


2 thoughts on “No, I don’t like rolls, too much bread in them

  1. I need to do mine, will have a shot after dinner. Well done alex on the visa, I didnt know they were going that far. big adventures 🙂

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