She’s on tour with Judas Preist, doing the make-up.

Ok, I lied. I said I’d be back soon, but it’s been a while.  Sorry!  I have been mega busy though.

Work is still great, loving the fact that I am looking forwards to going to work for a change!  Have been learning all sorts of interesting things and struggling with the challenge that is subtitling Pharrell Williams doing his human beatboxing.  I do love a bit of N.E.R.D. but I wish they’d just sing properly when it comes to subtitling!  I’ve also done some Postman Pat, some horrific programme called Boogie Beebies which is basically aerobics for kids with singing and now on a very interesting show about Stephen Fry being manic depressive.  Most intriguing!

Other than that, of course, I have been busy sewing.  Had a great day at Hillhead last week for the craft mafia market – went out for a sandwich, came back to a literal queue of people waiting to buy emobroidery!  Was most pleased!  Also had quite a few custom orders recently, so have been stitching night and day!

2 exciting fairs coming up next weekend – Made In The Shade on Saturday at the Lighthouse and Say No To Plastic at Oran Mor on Sunday, both in Glasgow.  They should both be pretty busy, so am stocking up on things for that.  Both have a vintage slant to them, so along with vintagey framed emobroidery, I’ll also have vintage homewares, aprons and the vintage tea cup candles that Lee and I are collaborating on.  I probably haven’t mentioned that before, I realise!  Photos soon, I promise.

Today I have had a nice, relatively relaxing day, despite being up at 6.30am for no apparent reason.  I finished off an order, packed stuff up and went to the post office, stopping off at a local, quite new salon to get my eyebrows waxed, eyelashes tinted and nails done for the bargain sum of £12!  They are doing all treatments half price just now, so even at full price it makes it totally bargainous!  I am so pleased with my new eyebrows – it is amazing how much of a difference it makes.  Also my nails!  Amazing!  For those who are new friends or readers, I have bitten my nails since I had teeth (and nails) and only gave up a few months ago when I was in Thailand.  So this is quite a landmark event for me!  I am quite delighted with it all. 

So after that I went and met up with Jo who I haven’t seen since Noah was in short pants.  We had a nice browse round the charity shops of Byres Road and got a few bargains then headed to Pop cafe on Great Western Road for some lunch before taking off to the seaside and landing in Helensburgh.  The charity shops there did not let us down and we got some great things – more of which later!  We rounded it off with an ice cream sundae at the Radio Cafe before heading home.  And of course, now I am home, I am back to the sewing!  No rest for the wicked!

Now, what else? Oh, I got a tax rebate for the first time ever!  That on top of the forgotten holiday pay from the agency I was working for before subtitling means I got an extra £350 yesterday!  So I am pretty delighted about that!  I have already spent some of it on a celebratory curry last nite and some things off Folksy – can’t wait for them to arrive! 

Right, back to the grindstone!


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