The best thing about grapes is grape juice.

Did you all forget it was day in the life yesterday?  I remembered yesterday morning, but then forgot again and only remembered this morning on the way to work.  Here is an approximation of my day:

Wake up at 5am, after restless sleep.  Not been sleeping very well lately and last nite is no exception.  Eventually get up about 7 and shuffle to the living room.  Feed Steve, faff about in general.  Get showered and dressed and hair done and all that, listening to XFM.  Wonder why Oasis and Green Day are always on there.  I hate them.

Out to work – first day! How exciting.  It’s a bank holiday here so not sure the subway will be open.  Lee kindly takes me to work in his van.  The roads are empty as everyone else is off (Lee included).  Get there, get a badge and everything, a tour of the fire escapes – it’s a world apart from my first day at last job where I was shown a desk, a PC, a phone and told to get on with it.  Have a good feeling about this place.

An hour into inductiony things, we have a tea break.  Apparently we are being sent to London for a couple of days to see the head office and have a tour of the BBC’s access services.  That sounds pretty interesting.  Also having a hearing test tomorrow (ie today – I passed with flying colours).  Spend time til lunch watching various clips to see different subtitling things – Still Game, Eastenders, Blue Planet.  Spend the afternoon mastering the very basics of fancy keyboard usage on David Attenborough’s dulcet tones.

Finish at 4 as our desks are needed by Channel 4 News for some reason.  Head home on the subway, check emails, package up the orders from the weekend and have dinner.  Lee has cooked the most amazing roast lamb I’ve ever tasted with roasted butternut squash, swede, potatoes and shallots.  It is bloody delicious.  He’s also made chocolate cheesecake with hobnob base for afters – NOMMMMM.

Make cupcakes to take to Catherine’s tomorrow nite (ie tonite but it’s now cancelled so I have 24 cupcakes going spare!) and then get on with sewing.  Someone has asked me to do a custom order of “this is not a drop-in centre for useless cunts”.  I am tickled just sewing it.

Give up the sewing once I start to nod off and head to bed.  Don’t even manage to stay awake long enough to read a bit of my book.  Zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Now, who else did it?  Tell me so I can post links!


6 thoughts on “The best thing about grapes is grape juice.

  1. I remembered – then I forgot – I prepared, and on the day I missed it. But finally it’s up there, minus the glitches with camera phone and image uploading – oh damnit it’s not quite what I wanted but hey…

    Cupcakes sound ace but I have a feeling you’re nowhere near my studio right now…

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