I’m sick of painting by numbers. I want to create and not be the same. Why should I put blue in all the number 3s?

Glasgow Craft Mafia Market , originally uploaded by mooosh.

Guhhh! I am BUSSSSSSSSSSY! But I still love you all dearly, I promise.

Today is the last day of the periscope ordeal, hurrah! It is pretty quiet, I have done just about all I need to do, so they are on their own after today. I’ve told them I’ll leave them my mobile number and I will then invoice them a tenner everytime they phone me (I will of course hide everything).

I even bought them some sweeties which they are all troughing and someone has put a label on my chair to claim it once my cheeks depart it for the last time.

I blogged about our trip to Newcastle over on the Miso Funky blog (www.misofunky.com/news) and I don’t have the time to blog again about it, so you’ll just need to read that. Apart from that I have been:

Discovering that sleep is overrated.
Having a lovely evening of dinner and playing spot the intro at Martin and Louise’s beautiful HUGE flat.
Sewing my ass off.
Watching series 5 of Las Vegas on DVD and warming slowly to Tom Selleck instead of James Caan.
Buying lots of things on Ebay.
Making candles with Lee (coming soon!).

I will be starting subtitling on Monday, so I have a few days off – and what better way to spend 2 of those than at markets! First off, tomorrow is the first Mafia Market of the season, set to get the students in. It’s at the QMU off Byres Road and on from 12 til 6.

Saturday, I’ll be at Byblos in the merchant city. It’s for a charity fashion event and there are a whole host of indie shopping opportunities AND breakdancing! I won’t be breakdancing, but I will be there flogging my wares, so do come along (tickets £10). I REALLY wish I could breakdance – one of my greatest regrets in life is not ever learning to spin on my head, but I will give the caterpillar a go given a few babychams too many.

I will try my best to come back and blog about these events very soon, but I can’t promise owt given my craft-load! I did manage to finish and deliver 1 out of the 3 wholesale orders hanging over me at the moment tho, so it’s not all bad.

Back to the periscopes for one last afternoon!


3 thoughts on “I’m sick of painting by numbers. I want to create and not be the same. Why should I put blue in all the number 3s?

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