You can’t have a church without a steeple

I feel like I have been working flat out all weekend to try and keep up with orders for Miso Funky and also to get some stock built up for the 2 markets I have this weekend.  Periscopesville though is very quiet today, so it is a bit like a holiday coming to work – a role reversal.  Still a bit frustrating to be sitting doing nothing when I could be sewing, but it has at least given me time to work on the various blogs I write and a super secret project I am working on with mar-c.
The other thing it’s given me time to do is catch up with some crafty goodness from people outside my usual sphere.  The first thing I came across this past week was Mr X Stitch, who is, get this, a cross stitching BOY!  He has taken some manly but cool images and made them into patterns for the modern man to enjoy, including some comic book heroes and some fancy Japanese cars. I’m hoping that it will inspire Lee to pick up the needle, but that may be a bridge too far 🙂
Today on my trawl across the innernets I found the most delightful cushions I think I’ve seen in a long time.  Made by Donna Wilson, the pattern of this one reminds me of the old weather forecast map icons.  She also has a nice line of creatures for sale which should you be in the market for something to take your mind off the fact that Miso Funky Rejects are now retired, will fit the bill nicely.  Her site is loaded to the brim with things I covet, go see (I’d like it in blue and white please).
Day in the life!  Where has that gone?  It’s all a bit up in the air just now as to who’s turn it is, etc, so I am taking it upon myself to nominate the next day and then if someone else does come forward, we can do 2.  The next day in the life is Monday 29th September.  I’ve picked that day as it is the day I start my new career as a subtitler so I should at least have something to blog about!  Also, it’s a Monday and I’m not sure we’ve done one of those before.  If you’re wondering what the hell I am talking about, then click here to see last month’s.  Everyone is free to join in, the only thing you need to do is leave a comment on my blog or email me (mrspiquante at gmail dot com) when you have done your post so I can link to it. 
I have lots of web updating to do this evening, so I leave you to peruse the above for now.

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