Thirty grand for sitting down and occasionally pressing a button… not bad

I think everyone has days when all they want to do is say this to someone, be it a loved one, a colleague, a friend, a foe, a stranger.  Today, for the most part has not been one of those days.  My day started very nicely when I went to my local corner shop to buy a cereal bar and get some change for the bus and the man in there gave me a tenner instead of a fiver in my change.  I would ordinarily have felt a tiny bit guilty about not owning up, but his prices are so high that I felt justified in not giving a monkeys. 

I spent the morning chez periscopes faffing about as everyone was away to the funeral of an ex-colleague.  After lunch the baw hit the slates tho, as they say, when the big cheeses of periscopes phoned me about 700 times to panic about the project not being completed on time (ie next week).  They are under some sort of impression that I might actually care and/or be able to do something about that.  Much flapping ensued.  I ate a packet of opal fruits.  It was nice.

This evening Lee picked me up and we went home, then to collect a huge bag of bubble wrap off someone on freecycle then to sainsburys and then home to make some delicious tomatoey basily pasta and a chocolate mousse cake and now I am contemplating the mountain of work I have to do.  But I am happy with that.

A few days ago I set up an exciting consigning deal for Miso Funky, so I am now working flat out on that and also have a few other avenues that are opening up for stockists – most exciting.  There’s also been several repeat customers this week, which is always pleasing – it’s nice to know that you are not flogging a dead dog. 

This weekend is shaping up to be a nice one – Lee and I are planning a trip to the east coast to the seaside.  We’ve randomly picked Arbroath as a destination and we’ll take our time heading back down the way along the coast and stopping where we see something of interest.  We’ll also take some squashed sandwiches and our swimming costumes, just in case we feel like a dip (indoors of course).  I am very pleased at this thought. 

Alice and Marceline have been blogging about 1998 and what they were doing back then.  They have many interesting stories to tell, but I am not sure I can add to it.  I can’t really remember much of what I was doing back then.  It was my second and last year of college, so I was probably either “studying” or in Strathclyde Union for the first half of it.  The second part of it I think I moved in with my unsuitable older boyfriend and worked for BT telesales and was generally pretty miserable at that place.  I don’t think I have any photos to share from that time, but of course I have lots to share from these days.  So look at them instead.

Now, I am off to weigh the pros and cons of getting on with the sewing and playing Sims 2 on PS2 … I wonder what will win out?




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