And the courgettes, they go mad

This is Steve!  He’s been with us a week now which you would think would be more than enough time to get a better photo of him, but there we are.  He is a very lazy panda fish and he is settling in nicely.  He was a bit quiet for the first while, but now he comes up to the top when we go to feed him, etc.    He’s quite a guy.

In other news, it’s been a busy week at the periscope factory.  Mr Ed, the boss offered me a full time proper job yesterday but I had to decline as obviously subtitling is a far more interesting prospect than typing registers in a periscope factory (honestly).  I don’t think I could put up with the incessant whistling of tradesmen forever either, come to think of it.

Also this week has been one long Freecycle extravaganza as me and Lee have been clearing out all the stuff we don’t need any more – 2 bookcases, tables, a phone, a huge bag of craft stuff I’ll never use, a blanket box – we’ve had so much stuff hanging around it’s a wonder we could move around the house.  Here’s the stuff that’s being picked up tomorrow:

The most exciting part about getting rid of all this shite is the space it’s left behind.  We got rid of 2 bookcases today which had been taking up a corner of our spare room, blocking out light, etc and suddenly the room was huge again.  We have moved it all round and now I have the much sought-after proper craft area!  As we managed to clear out a load of nonsense out of our drawers too (ooer), I now have room to store all the Miso Funky stock, supplies, fabrics and also a table with my sewing machine on.  I am beyond delighted!

Here’s my table, some of my collection of tins and also our hoover – that’s going back in the cupboard tomorrow.

Hurrah! We can see the top of the drawers now all the rubbish is gone! Here’s some books and some sewing boxes and more tins (full of vintage buttons).

Yay, a crafting table!  There’s my sewing machine, slumbering under it’s cover.  My chicken drawers, from Jo – all sorts of gubbins in there.  My Cath Kidston biscuit tin that my mum gave me when she was here.  It’s got thread in it.  And my little Chinese tea tin that I found at Tynemouth market last year.  You can also see one of my projects in the foreground along with some random nonsense that needs to be sorted out still.

Finally, here’s some orders waiting to go.  I’ve decided that not only is wrapping orders in fancy paper a nice thing for the recipient, it’s also a great way to get rid of all the fancy paper and ribbons, etc hanging around the house.  Hopefully the recipient will appreciate it.

Now – it’s time for a sit down and to watch My Name Is Earl for a bit before the sorting out recommences tomorrow!


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