What does that prove? That God is a Rocker!




No, I’m not dead, but it has all gone quiet on the blog front again, sorry. The reason is, and I shit ye not, that I am busy working in a periscope factory, trying to organise them into some semblance of order for a big audity thing.  It is not as dull as it sounds surprisingly, and the novelty of working somewhere different is quite nice. It’s also nice as Lee works nearby and at same times as me so I can get a lift to and fro – yay!

I’ve just had a major reorganisation of the Miso Funky shop and it occurred to me that you may be vaguely interested in that – so here, go have a look.  There’s a sale on til the end of the month, in which if you quote the word downpour at the checkout, you’ll get 10% off everything. Yes, everything. You can use it as many times as you like, so spread the word!  There’s also a shedload of new kawaii stationery, accessories and stuff as well as the latest emobroideries in many guises, see above.

Plug over!  Tomorrow, in the manner of most factory workers, I finish work at 1pm! Hurrah!  I will spend the afternoon collecting the new addition to the Brown family, Steve (more on this later) and catching up on the list of things I have had to do for the past week hopefully.  I’ll also hopefully have news from my potential big scary stockist for MF – fingers crossed!


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