It’s chalky, not chewy

Am I psychic?  Can I somehow see into the future?  I didn’t think so, but looking back at my last post I may be wrong.  Luggage woes is an understatement! 

Cutting a long, tedious story short, me and Catherine, who looked delectable in her summer dress, spent about 2 hours in the cargo office waiting for customs in Manchester to decide if my bags needed to be searched by hand.  We eventually gave up and went home and then went to meet baby McChesney which is a very cute, quiet and clean little baby who took rather a shine to me for some reason.  Whilst we were there, I got a call from the cargo folks saying customs did indeed want to check my bags for contraband, so they would call me the next day – GUH!

Next day was work day, which given that I am blogging in the middle of the day, you can tell did not go entirely to plan.  Again, to cut it short, they wanted to basically pay minimum wage for someone to run their office, manage staff, do accountingy things – no way was it worth the money at all!  Plus I have 3 interviews for full time, permanent jobs lined up this week, so I would have had to take a half day each day – not going to work out.  Anyway, I got home on Tuesday nite and the airport lady called and said the bags were all ready, no bombs, weapons, or illegal stowaways had been detected and I could collect them – hurrah!

So me and Lee hopped over, got the bags and came home excitedly to open them and for me to relive everything by way of examining the contents … only to find several things missing, including – and this is the worst bit of this story – my antique hill tribe handbag and Jo’s Balenciaga bag!  GAHHHHHHHHHHH!  Upon closer inspection, there were also another few things missing, all of which I’d bought for other people: a gift for my brother’s birthday, some handmade earrings I’d bought as gifts for people and a miniature Blythe doll I’d bought for my new friend Susan, the box of which was in my bag, opened.  I think there is also 2 kawaii plush things missing too.  None of it is huge value stuff, but it is all irreplacable to me, so I am GUTTED, especially given the amount of money I paid to get this stuff back.  The cargo people have submitted a claim for me, so hopefully I will be recompensed in some way, but I don’t care about the money, I just want the stuff back which is pretty much not going to happen.  Weep weep, sob sob.

So, I still can’t put this episode behind me, whilst I wait to hear about the compensation claim.  Plus I am back to the job drawing board.  I have another 2 interviews this afternoon, one which sounds pretty promising, but I think may be in a location that is no good for me as a non-driver.  We’ll see though.  It’s a beautiful day outside, sunny, warm and with a light breeze – you know, kinda how summer should be.  I have still got a billion things to list on Ebay, so I will squeeze some of that in before I head into town for the interviews.  Wish me luck!


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