Half an eggshell is enough. Really

Hello! No, I’m not dead, although by rights I should at least be in a kawaii-induced coma, such is the level of cuteness we have been living at for the past week.  I’ve just seen mar-c off in a taxi to the airport, so I’m just checking in to check my email and give a quick update before I head HOME tomorrow!  Can’t believe it’s actually that time now!

So, what have we been doing?  Well, SHOPPING.  A lot!  But with such low prices and such cute things it would be rude not to.  Hamish is going to have all sorts of new stock very soon!  Apart from shopping though, we’ve also fit in some culture in the form of more temples than you could reasonably be expected to view in your entire life, some elephants and also 2 days of relaxation at the Rabbit Resort which really was as fabulous as everyone said (apart from it being in the Thai equivalent of Blackpool).  But I am READY to come home now, if only to escape the 20 million mosquito bites I have picked up – my ankles look like a dot-to-dot puzzle.

Day in the Life peoples – Alice has picked this Sunday 6th July for the next day, so get blogging.

Well, I must go and make the most of the lounging around on the big comfy bed in my room and also try to cram everything into my suitcase!  I’ll see you on the other side!




3 thoughts on “Half an eggshell is enough. Really

  1. HI! It’s half past midnight and I am HOME lounging on a bed of kawaii. It seems like a billion years ago we did all that stuff. However, I’m glad I won’t get the chance to miss you as you’ll be here by the time the jetlag wears off. yay!

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