Emos, Emus, they’re all the same; pale looking grumpy birds dressed in black

I bailed out of week in the life of over weekend as my weekend was so mind-numbingly dull that I could not bear to type about it. This week so far has passed in much the same vein until yesterday when my employers (various as they cannot decide between them who I work for seemingly) took it upon themselves to turn into absolute dickwads overnite. I now feel like the last 6 years has been a big fat waste of my time. Loyalty counts for nothing as I have been shown – it’s every man for themselves. Inventing reasons to give me a hard time and generally being difficult is doing nobody any favours – it only makes everyone angry and frustrated and cheesed off. But now I have ranted about it I feel better. I am not even going to bother punctuating this into paragraphs as this is all coming out in a oner. I will be SO GLAD to get away from here! Today even the city is irritating me with it’s fumes and it’s people all talking in foreign about things I can’t understand and their stupid rain and insects who are addicted to the intoxicating liquor that is my blood. I WANT TO GO HOME NOW! But I have a weekend of 3 days off to look forwards to during which I hope the city apologises and sidles back into my affections, if not only because I will spend an entire day on Saturday outside it’s boundaries, travelling to and from the River Kwai and it’s big famous bridge, riding an elephant for a bit thru the jungle and doing some bamboo rafting. Nothing better to cheer oneself up than a day of tourism centred squarely round mass death and suffering.


One thought on “Emos, Emus, they’re all the same; pale looking grumpy birds dressed in black

  1. So I’ve spent a good bit of time having a read through your blog and must tell you I love it! You are a very funny writer and definitely looking forward to future posts here. Great stuff and hope you are enjoying yourself back at home. Another very close friend of mine chucked it in a couple of weeks ago as well after 5 years here and he’s very excited to be home again. Look forward to reading abou the direction your life takes you next and best of luck on the job front!

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