How does a Chinaman hold an election?

0714 Awake but SO tired.  In shower, get ready for work.

0805 Running late.  Man is frying fish now so I am definitely late.  I will miss the heady scent of fried chicken, incense and diesel fumes back home in Glasgow. Maybe I should bottle it and sell it – I could call it “Bangkok Nites” or something.  Maybe “Nuits de Bangkok”?  There is a man at the end of the soi who is only there occasionally selling sweetcorn fritters!  Oh how I adore those. Mum used to make them as part of chicken maryland, I recall.  I buy a bag for 20 bats.

0825 Pass the man who sells the barbecued eggs on the street and notice a Thai man next to him eating one – am excited to finally see someone partaking as I thought they must surely never sell any.  Disappointingly, the egg looks just the same as usual but the yolk is a bit browner.  On subway, crammed on with approximately 75 people too many.  Off and on to sky train which is less crowded but they seem to have a problem with the AC as it’s not cold enough and I am melting.

0900 Walking across bridge of death. The sun is beating down on me at 1 billion degrees. Someone hands me a flyer for a new gym – boom boom!

0910 Got lime smoothie, upstairs to desk. It’s busy, boooo.  Eat some sweetcorn fritters.

1130 Lunchtime! Not all that hungry (hew mak mai) really but finish sweetcorn fritters and eat a biscuit.

1200 Playing DS.  Reading RSS feeds.

1400 It’s quiet at this time of day.  Looking for beachy places to go with mar-c.

1500 Glasgow wake up, talking to people on msn about work. Give Jamie the 2 Refreshers bars Jo sent. Can hear his teeth melting across office.

1630 Mar-c comes online finally!  Talking about beaches.  Try and text Lee but phone is out of juice and I keep forgetting to buy a card. Bah.  Write it on my hand.

1800 Leaving bang on time tonite to go to cinema.  Jamie and I are off to see The Other Boleyn Girl.  I have read the book and am a big fan of the history around that time, fact fans.

1810 On sky train to Siam, talking about broadband speed and not lesbians for once.

1820 Arrive at Siam Paragon. Go to buy tickets for film showing at 1930.  You get to pick your seats on a little touch screen.  It’s expensive here – 2 whole pounds!

1840 Wandering round deciding what to eat.  Almost go to Turkish place but notice that staff are literally sleeping on a table at back, so press on. Decide on Mexican finally.

1900 Eating a burrito.  The staff have beige flat caps on for some reason. The girl has a pink t-shirt on that says i heart tacos – i want one.  Explain concept of Deal or No Deal to Jamie and break news that Noel Edmonds is back on telly.  He left UK 3 years ago so this has passed him by entirely.

1925 Slurp last of lime margarita down and head to chemists for more of my pills. Buy them and then tear Jamie away from Beard Papa, the Japanese giant custard filled profiterole concession (secretly plot to go back later).  Head to the food hall for a drink to slurp in cinema.  They give Jamie a free chocolate sample but not me – bah.

1950 We are late in to the cinema and arrive just as the King’s anthem is played so we stand at the back.  Everyone else is standing, heads bowed.  It finishes and we take our seats, turfing a Thai lady out of mine in the process.

2145 Film was good! My favourite bit was when some swans quacked at an inappropriate moment.  Head to sky train and then on subway.  No sex tourists tonite to laugh at.

2220 Home.  Flick air con on, get changed and get straight into bed as i am EXHAUSTED.  Fall asleep seconds later on mamegoma pillow.


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