The funny thing is though i keep waking up with odd socks on


0410 Wake up.  Wide awake.  Lie awake for about 5 minutes thinking I could maybe get up, have a swim. 

0610 Alarm is going off.  Up early today to go to immigration to renew my visa.  Ponder not bothering as deportation is surely better than getting up this early.

0640 Straightening hair. Why am I still bothering after 3.5 fruitless months of this?

0700 Walking to MRT.  There is hardly anyone about at this time – well, there are lots of schoolkids going to the school at the end of the soi.  There are less food stalls out at this time, but more dogs.

0720 On subway.  It’s somehow busier than an hour later usually is.  Stand with face in sweaty Thai man’s pit.  How can he reek of onions at this hour? 

0740 Out of subway trying to hail a cab.  Surprisingly sparse on the roads this morning.  Pick up a copy of the free English language newspaper, full of doom and gloom.  Is useful for fanning self/acting as sun visor.

0750 In taxi.  Not sure if we are going to where I want as the driver’s English is practically non-existent and my Thai doesn’t stretch as far as “are  you sure you know what you’re doing?”.

0755 Ha! We are here! It’s much closer than I thought.  There’s a big queue outside.  Stand around looking nonchalant reading my paper to wait for Khun Pui who I am meeting.  She has all my paperwork.

0800 National anthem time. Everyone stops in their tracks, hands by side, head bent as it’s played on a tannoy.  I join in – at the end we all bow and then carry on like nothing has just happened.

0815 Doors open.  Everyone floods in, taking tickets for the queues, filling in forms, etc.  I skulk about just inside the door enjoying the air con and watching a big cockroach try to scale the ramparts of the photocopier behind the reception desk. 

0835 Khun Pui arrives.  She is tiny, beautiful and very smartly dressed.  She is accompanied by a silent man who is wearing socks with flip flops.  We settle in for 1.5 hours of waiting on a hard chair for our turn in the queue.

1005 Our number is called. I leap up but I am told to sit down again and Khun Pui goes off with my papers and talks to a man at desk number 12. She comes back about 15 minutes later and asks me to confirm my job title, but I have no idea what it is as it’s in Thai on my work permit.  I just nod and smile.  She goes off again and comes back 5 minutes later and tells me I can go!  Seems like a bit of a waste of all our time, but head off outside.  There is a market in the carpark selling eggs and shampoo.

1045 Make it to work.  No lime smoothie today, bah.  Almost lunchtime tho.

1130 Lunchtime! Feel guilty that I have just arrived, so Jamie gets me a sandwich from Au Bon Pain for lunch and I have it at my desk whilst I catch up with work from this morning.  It’s a toasted onion bagel with chicken and cheese – yum!

1330 Break news to boss that I am going back to UK next month.  Goes better than I thought it would.  Glad that everyone is very nice about it.

1500 Yay, it’s 9am in the UK, so people to talk to on MSN.  Doing tickets and Livechats.

1800 Finished! Talk to Jo briefly on gmail chat, read some RSS feeds.

1830 Leave office, head to sky train.  Get off and decide against going to supermarket. Head home as so sleepy with intention of swimming but too tired.

1930 Home, put kettle on for noodles.  Spend evening eating noodles, watching The Tudors on DVD and playing Diner Dash on DS. Also opening parcel from Marceline’s mum of oil of Olay and pickled onion monster munch – yay thanks!

2245 Good nacht!


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