I never understand why Jesus didn’t use his superpowers to escape the Romans

I am getting really bad at keeping this up to date – sorry! I’d like to say that it’s because I have been out doing realllly exciting things, but it’s not.  But I have had a nice weekend, which went a little something like this:

Saturday was a pretty uneventful day at home and in the evening I went to meet Liz and we went to the cinema.  I have been to the cinema THREE times since I got here now – a record for me.  We saw Deception with Ewan McGregor in it which was pretty good.  My favourite bit about going to the cinema here is not the price of just around £2 for a ticket, not even the frozen Coke for 75p … the national anthem gets me every time.  After the adverts and trailers, before the movie starts, the national anthem is played accompanied by a video of inspirational shots from Thailand.  It is mandatory to stand for this – failure to stand up can lead to arrest and imprisonment!  I, inexplicably, find the whole thing oddly moving and it makes me feel a bit patriotic, even though I am not even from here.  I am not actually sure if it’s the national anthem of the king’s anthem – I think it’s the king’s.  Anyway, I like this bit which is a little strange as I certainly wouldn’t bother standing up at home if they reinstated this tradition for our own royal family.

So, aside from that, the cinemas are huge and swanky and the seats are big and comfy, lots of leg room and you can even hire reclining seats up the back for 2, which I hear have blankets and cushions for the ultimate in cinematic comfort.  Oh, and the 63 flavours of popcorn – sweet, cheese, barbecue, salmon … ugh.

So, after the cinema, we had a stroll around Paragon, which is a pretty fancy mall I think I mentioned before.  It has a Lamborghini showroom amongst other fancy car dealerships, you can pick up any designer clothes you might need – Chloe, Balenciaga, Jimmy Choo, etc etc – as well as eating something from just about every cuisine you could think of.  We found a great shop called Shanghai Tang which has some really beautiful stuff but VERY expensive and then we had some food at Ootoya, a Japanese place I have been to before.

Homeward bounds after that and it was raining so hard it was stoating off the pavement when we got outside – thankfully there is a link to the train directly from the mall though.  So, I headed home, played the guess who’s going to the happy finish massage place game (I was right again) and then faffed about and went to bed.

Yesterday being Sunday of course I didn’t get up in time to go to Ko Kred as usual, so spent the morning tidying up, thinking about doing laundry (but didn’t), contemplating a swim (didn’t) and doing some sewing.  Then in the afternoon, headed for the river to get the boat to Banglamphu and meet the Lizzle for a last jaunt as she heads back to England for good on Tuesday (booo!).  I don’t think I will ever tire of the boat, it’s so much fun.  Given my no nail biting success, we decided to go for a manicure, which I had been looking forwards to.

It was fun, but I managed to get the Sweeny Todd of the nail care world and she drew blood at least 4 times round my cuticles which really stung.  But my nails are looking very nice now, if short again, I suppose she had to file them right back to get them in shape.  She told me my nails are very thin and then started going on about how swollen my feet were – no kidding sherlock, it is 30 degrees out there and I’ve walked at least a mile or two already today!  But she is right, I could do with a foot massage – once my last horrible scary mosquito bite heals I am so there.

After manicures, we wandered round to the crazy Chinese shop as I am sure it is officially called – it is basically a huge tat emporium which you (and by you I mean probably me, Jo and mar-c) could spend hours rummaging through to find the gems amongst the rubbish.  It is brimming with cheap, gaudy chapping cats, decorations, those nail things that you could put your hand behind and make an imprint that were inexpilcably popular about 10 years ago, 2007 calendars with Jesus on, teapots, alarm clocks with the king on, windchimes … you name it, they probably have it here on the shopfloor or at least out the back.  It was fun to have a good chuckle over all the hideous goods there.

After that we were clearly in need of some sustenance at a nice cafe nearby where I had some very tasty spring rolls with sweet plum sauce and a big glass of fresh lime juice- yum!  Then some more wandering round, seeing some shops and convincing Liz to buy a beautiful embroidered velvet coat (she better go back for it today or I’ll have to push her off the boat) and then meeting up with Rob who’d been incommunicado since the night before having been kidnapped for his stag nite.  We then had a drink in a really cool outdoor bar type place which had a pool in the middle that we were secretly praying for someone to fall into, but we were sorely disappointed. I headed home about 8 ish and ended up staying up til 3am watching House and wailing when the last 3 discs of season 3 refused to work in the player or my laptop – BAHHHH.

Today I got up reasonably early for having been up til 3 am and spent an hour and a bit in the pool working on my aqua aerobic laps and just generally relaxing.  Now I am debating what to do as I still have not bought a mop and I know I can trot down to Daiso and get one but then my hair will get all sweaty and I am going out for a last hurrah to say goodbye to Liz and Rob over dinner.  Oh, the laundry too – I better get my skates on and get out!


One thought on “I never understand why Jesus didn’t use his superpowers to escape the Romans

  1. I HEART Shanghai Tang – one of my favourite shops in olde London town!

    I don’t know how to add you on messenger – I am trying! xx

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