I’ve got a 20 megapixel face

Imagine, if you will, your commute to work.  For some of you I know it is nothing more than a walk downstairs (or in at least one case, reaching for your laptop from your bed) and for others a short drive or bus ride into town.  My commute to work usually takes one hour of walking in the searing heat, on one train and on another, etc.

Today it took me 2 hours and 15 minutes to get to work.  I know as I timed it.  It started off badly when I got downstairs and there was no post.  So I was already in a bad mood – but it only increased as I trotted along the road to the subway and was met with a scene of sheer chaos.  Usually there are a number of small queues neatly arranged along the platform to board the busy trains – but today there was just a mass of people everywhere and queued back up the stairs.  A woman was telling me something, which I took to be don’t even think about it love.  Aahhhh!  The rate that they were letting people on the train was approximately 1 per carriage so I would have had to wait at least an hour before I got near the front of the queue.

So my only option was to go outside and flag down a taxi, which proved to be harder than it sounds – usually the city is awash with taxis who often, when they see me walking along, slow down and glance hopefully at me until I wave them away, such is their abundance.  But today, in the 34 degree heat it was murder – barely any taxis and the ones that did stop refused to take me the distance I wanted to go, so I had to scale back my plan to go to work and instead go to the train station where the subway and the sky train interchange.  That took an hour and a half.  I wanted to kill myself but was armed only with a biro and hairbrush and was too sweaty to rig anything up with the seatbelt.  I eventually got out and walked in what I thought was the direction of the station only to find that I was going in the wrong direction and heading towards home.  I only realised this after 10 minutes trudging up the street, so I stopped and got my bearings and a drink and trudged back and found the station.  The only good thing about this was that on the way I found the 24 hour mexican restaurant, so if I ever need some tacos in the middle of the nite, I know where to go.

By now it is fair to say that I was peeved to the point of homicide.  I got on the skytrain and then realised that I had to change on to a different line so it took forever and then when I got off I had to trudge up and down the steep steps and did not have time to get a lime smoothie as I was already an hour and a bit late for work.  I am lucky my boss is understanding – I texted him from the taxi and he very kindly said not to worry.  So I stayed in over lunch to catch up with my work but now of course have finished it all and have nothing left to do this afternoon.

Gahhh! I am glad to have got that out.  It’s otherwise been a pretty quiet week, so nothing much to write home about (literally).  Have been doing a lot of sewing and watching House on DVD which is so far very entertaining although I find it hard to take Hugh Laurie seriously as an American, as I can only hear him in my head as being terribly posh with Stephen Fry.

I have zero plans for the rest of the week/weekend, but this weekend may be the one where I finally get my ass in gear and get on this tour to Ko Kred.  In other news, some guy from America wants to buy a whole bunch of stuff from the Thai Kawaii shop wholesale, so I will get that organised this weekend and sent off along with a parcel for Hamish to take to the Made In The Shade event that Jo is taking him to at the Lighthouse later this month.  Lots of new emobroideries will be making their debut there hopefully.

Now – back to looking busy and waiting for Glasgow to wake up


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