I just don’t know what it is about me that attracts stalkers

My Last Four – a meme from mar-c

Books I read

Running With Sciccors – Augusten Burroughs
Going Dutch – Katie Fforde
The C Words – Mark Mason
Down And Out In London And Paris – George Orwell

TV Shows I Watched

The one with the scientists and the animals dubbed from German
The one with the teenagers in the woods being murdered one by one
A show about Barcelona in Thai
The news

Films I Watched

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Inside Man
No Country For Old Men

Albums I Bought
I honestly cannot remember the last time I bought an album!

Games I Played

See how long I can hold my breath under water for
Guess what the Thai people are talking about on the train
Guess what the news is about
Amun Rising

Things I Made

Bird cross stitch (still in progress)
Mr and Mrs Roboto cross stitch
Pink Roboto cross stitch
Cheese and onion toastie

Blogs I read

Perez Hilton
Engineering Chef

Things I Bought
An hours worth of washing machine usage
Praline cornetto
Some “bitey” cheese
“Gently exfoliating” shower gel

Shows I Went To

Being Norwegian (play) at Oran Mor
Calvin Harris
Sleeping Beauty ballet
Portsoy Boat Festival

Things I Bought Online

Cake for Jo’s birthday
Cake for Lee
Breeks on Ebay
Dress on Ebay

Shops, Pubs, Etc I Went To

Fresh Mart
Robin Hood Pub
Book Shop

Places I Went To

Shepton Mallet

Bands/Artists I Listened To

Arctic Monkeys
Part Chimp
The Bluetones

Things I Posted

Parcel to Jo/Mar-c
Parcel to Lee
Parcel to Mar-c/Jo
Ebay things

Things I Received In Post

Phone Bill for approximately £2
Unidentified bill for 54 bhat (will take to work for translation)
Parcel of trousers from Mum
Another electricity bill

Things I Wrote On My To Do List

I don’t have a to do list anymore 🙂

Things I Wanted But Didn’t Buy

Jar of Branston Pickle (about £3.50!)
Vintagey looking footstool
Camper shoes
Asus teeny tiny laptop

Things I Got Very Annoyed About

Man doing energetic butterfly stroke in pool
No exciting mail
Dropping can of lime soda on floor
Sheet coming off corners of mattress AGAIN

Please feel free to do this yourself!


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