There is no place for you in the great rock pantheon

The soundtrack in my head just now is OWWWWWWWWWWWW and not in a Michael Jackson style.  Just as I was finishing up my last post there, Jamie called and he was finished at immigration a lot faster than he thought, so we arranged to meet up in an hour from then.  I was still not even half ready, so I was rushing about, drying hair, finding clothes that weren’t wet, etc.  Then I caught a glimpse of myself in the bathroom mirror – and my arms are PUCE!

And look, so is my face!

And that’s with make up on!

They are radiating heat like nobody’s business and you could literally land aircraft with only their light, such is their flouresence.   So I am slapping on the coconut milk moisturiser and cursing the rubbish sunscreen that I have.  I must look out for P20 or maybe just buy long sleeved everything and a balaclava.

This evening we went to see a film called Vantage Point, which was actually not too bad. Not up my usual film boulevard, but I enjoyed it none the less.  It had the good guy from Lost as the bad guy and some guy who looked like he was sucking a lemon all the way thru it who turned out to be Dennis Quaid. Beforehand we had some late lunch/early dinner at Mos Burger, which is a Japanese gourmet burger place.  Not sure about gourmet, but they were good and not much more expensive than McDonalds or what have you plus you get to sit down in nicer surroundings.

After our cinema excursion (and after I almost broke my knee by falling down 2 steps in the dark), Jamie showed me the really posh bits of the mall that the cinema is in, Siam Paragon.  They have a big car showroom bit with Lamborghinis, Ferraris, etc.   Lee, you would have wet yourself at the Lamborghinis!  Then I went off to the second hand book shop to stock up as I am running low and then bought a top up card for my phone at long last and headed home.  I’m back now going AHHHHHHHHH at my arms.  Normally I’d write a note on the back of my hand to remind me to buy sunscreen but I think I have reminder enough this time!


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