Kit Kats have been foil-wrapped for ages

Oooh, they’ve changed wordpress! how nice.  Anyway, the mere fact that it’s Saturday afternoon (or morning or Friday nite depending on where you are) tells you that INTERNETS ARE GOOOOOOO!

I got home after a trip to the nite bazaar last nite to see a full complement of green lights on the front of the modem, abandoned my shopping and dinner on the bed and got straight onto the laptop to ensure that it was true and yes, hurrah, I now have the internets.  I instantly felt much better that I can now communicate with the world whenever I like instead of being restricted to talking politely at work on msn.  I’ve already managed to upload all the photos I had missed out on and speak to both Lee and Catherine on Skype which was great – a proper conversation for the first time in about 2 weeks!  I was starting to feel a bit stir crazy, but things seem much brighter now.

So, after work last nite I decided that I would have a mosey around the nite bazaar to see what was what in the world of fake shoes.  It was very hot there – the little alleys are so narrow that it makes it hard for air to circulate.  Lots of the stalls have big fans tho, so you can easily pause and go ooh look another stall selling those wooden frog things that make a noise when you drag a stick across their back that sounds nothing like an actual frog but actually secretly just enjoy a blast of cool air for a few seconds.  Fridays are always really busy at the nite bazaar so I tried not to linger too long, just long enough to buy a dressing gown for traipsing to the pool and back in, some fairy lights for round my bed so that I don’t have to get back out of bed to turn the big light off once I’ve been reading and some fake Birkenstock sandals for approximately £3.

So, this morning I have been mostly waiting for TV man and it is now 14.35 here and still no sign of him.  To be fair, I have no idea when he is supposed to be coming today, only that it is today at some point, so I’ll give him to tea time then I am going out if nowhere else, then at least for a swim.  I have been amusing myself by sweeping the floor with the most inappropriate brush in the world, killing the residual ants left over from last nite’s lei/eagle model disaster (I bought a lei for Humphrey Humperdink, as the eagle model has been christened to thank him for his intervention in the internet saga. It smelled amazing but an hour later I went back and he and it and the worktop were covered in tiny ants, so I had to chuck it out) and moving the room around so that I can sit at my desk with my computer. 

I might go and lie prostrate in front of Humphrey now to plead for the arrival of TV man so I can go out.


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