Yes, I think she’s the Aretha Franklin of fish

Right, must stop reading other blogs and write my own. I am racing against time as the battery is only half full on my laptop and I have packed the charger away already.

Packed?! I hear you cry! Yes, as I am moving to my apartment tomorrow, a couple of days earlier than I thought owing to some mixed up dates. I am swerving wildly between excitement and apprehension, altho I am really not sure why. It will be nice to have somewhere I can leave my stuff all over the floor and not worry about the cleaners every day having to politely put things in a neat pile on the table and do hospital corners on the bed. I suppose for the first few days it will be strange, especially as I am not sure how long it is going to take me to get to work, etc.

Yesterday was my second Monday at work and I am settling in pretty well. We were all sat for most of the day twiddling our respective thumbs (or in my case, looking at flickr ) as with the Easter bank holidays there is not much call for technical support, what with everyone out enjoying themselves rolling eggs down hills and eating chocolate bunnies. I have had to explain to my colleagues several times what the significance of it all is, and I must admit, despite being brought up a Catholic, even I was having trouble making sense of it towards the end.

Whilst your Easter Monday was no doubt spent watching The Sound of Music on TV and eating your own body weight in hot cross buns, mine was spent at the hospital here. Now, mum, don’t get ahead of yourself – I am perfectly fine! Part of my work permit application tho is a certificate from a doctor here to confirm that I am free of a number of diseases, namely:

  • Alcoholism
  • Drug addiction
  • Leprosy
  • Elephantatis
  • TB

Not AIDs, or anything like that – just elephantatis, whatever that is. So, my boss set me the challenge of getting to the hospital and navigating all this by myself and I must admit, it was dead easy. The hospital turned out to be about 5 minutes from the office (imagine my embarrassment of getting in a taxi and him driving round corner and letting me out practically) and everyone was very nice and spoke good English and appreciated my vain attempt to speak Thai to them.

The hospital itself was more like a 5 star hotel – none of your NHS stuff here! It had fountains and marble floors and fancy sofas and most importantly for them, big signs saying CASHIER THIS WAY. You get what you pay for, as they say, and in this case I got top notch service from an army of beautiful Thai women in 50s style nurses hats. Had I been a single young red-blooded male, I would probably have passed out in the car park, such was the degree of sashaying down corridors looking, frankly, H-O-T. It’s no wonder I saw barely any male staff.

Anyway, I went and registered with a nice lady who then sat me on a swanky sofa and a few minutes later her finely chiseled colleague came and gave me a credit card type thing which holds all my details and medical history when I build one up here – ingenious. Then they handed me over to yet another impossibly beautiful lady with 50s hat on and she put my arm in a very strange, scary blood pressure machine, weighed me, took my height and then gave me one of those colour blindness tests that I have not had since primary school. After that I had to wait to see the doctor in a waiting room which was more like a first class airport lounge – no out of date Womens Own magazines, just cable TV and a selection of hot and cold drinks from the waiter service (WAITER SERVICE).

I was a bit nervous as I was expecting blood tests, having to mime and point to things in my phrase book etc, but I got in to the doctor and he turned out to be Welsh. We had a nice chat, he listened to my chest and heart (both present and correct), discussed my medication and that was it – no blood tests, no nothing. A few moments later they brought my certificate and I paid 800 bhat and that was it, all over! I felt slightly cheated that it was so easy, but also of course pleased that I had managed to negotiate it all myself.

I also had my photos taken for my work permit (all 6 of them) so I am all set for getting that sorted – fingers crossed they give me it. I can’t think why they wouldn’t.

So, that’s pretty much it for now – today is day in the life, but I think I will probably save mine to post up tomorrow, given the battery situation.

Please – tell me your news!


One thought on “Yes, I think she’s the Aretha Franklin of fish

  1. Hello! I am really enjoying your posts. I was very pleased to see 6 new posts waiting for me on my bloglines when I got back from my hols. Yay!

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