Of course, my real ambition is to be a foreign correspondent

(Sometimes my randomly selected titles are so fitting)

What a day and it is only 2.30pm!  I awoke relatively early this morning so have been Getting Things Done.  I woke up first around 6.30 am and looked out the window to a dense fog.  I have taken to sleeping with the curtains open so I can gaze out the window and go waaaah when I can’t sleep and when I woke up at first, it looked like I was on a plane going thru the clouds.  When I woke up again later tho, it was perfectly sunny – weird. 

I have been taking advantage of the free breakfast at weekends this morning, with a bacon sandwich and some pineapple – the only thing that marred it was a British sikh teenager bellowing DOUGHNUTSSSSSS at the top his voice for about 10 minutes solid.  I have no idea why, or why his parents and extended family didn’t think to shut him the hell up … it’s moments like those that you’re embarrassed to be British.

So, after breakfast I decided to head to the supermarket to hunt down a duvet, etc for the new apartment, and headed to old faithful Tesco Lotus.  I have had in the back of my mind for the last few days that I would get a haircut as my hair is just too long to keep tidy in this heat.  So when I walked past a hairdressers offering haircuts for approximately £4, I decided why the hell not, and went on in.

The staff did not speak any English but I was armed with my phrasebook, opened to the At The Hairdressers page and between that and some gesticulating, I ended up getting a pretty decent amount of hair chopped off, with the only slight worry being that they made it curly as I had gone in with it tied up and they could not see that I have a panic attack if my hair is anything less than poker straight.

I was feeling pretty pleased with myself after that and even more pleased when I managed to get almost everything on my list in Tesco including a comforter duvet thing, some amazing pillows and the cutest plates ever.  I’ll photograph it all when I move in of course.  I got back to drop all my stuff off and pottered round a bit and then decided that seeing as I was on a bit of a roll I would go out and find the Chinese temple that is near the hotel.  After a hot trip down the wrong soi I found the correct one and found a really amazing place.

watphoman-005.jpg  watphoman-007.jpg  watphoman-028.jpg

 There was some sort of service or ceremony taking place when I got there – lots of people walking round the perimeter of the compound with incesnse, chanting, etc.  In the main pavilion was some monks making offerings to the giant golden buddha there whilst 2 other monks kept the rythm for the worshipping on a drum and a giant bell.  It was really peaceful yet noisy and was nice to walk around with my shoes off on the cool marble floors.  No one seemed to mind a farang walking round too much and I had a good wander around.  I would have taken more photos were it not for the batteries in my camera packing up, but you can see the ones I did take here.

Now I am back at the ranch contemplating heading to the pool for a dook and some sewing.  Back to work tomorrow, so I think taking it easy for the rest of the day is in order.  I found proper sun block this morning so I am off to slather that on to try and stave off any further sunburn carnage.


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