Now you have done it. You are on a sticky wicket, and no mistake.

Greetings from Thailand!

Gosh, I can’t quite believe I am here!  It is 3.15pm now and I think I have been on the go more than 24 hours now.  I am tired but too excited to sleep (and also too hot).

I neglected to blog in my final days in Glasgow as I was just too darned busy seeing friends, packing, being with Lee, etc.  I had a lot of fun seeing all my peeps and even forgot it was my birthday on Tuesday what with all the dashing around.  I got lots of lovely presents tho, thank you everyone!

So, yesterday I set off, awash with tears and laden with baggage.  I was a bit worried I wouldn’t get my suitcase on the plane as it was 50% over the weight allowed, but they didn’t bat an eyelid – they were more bothered about my carry on bag and even then they let me away with it.  It was very emotional saying goodbye to Lee, we were both howling in the end, and I was hiccuping and snorting all the way thru x-ray where they let me thru even when I beeped in the machine – they were probably scared to touch me lest they be tainted by my snot.

Anyway, I have managed to chill out now and Lee, I hope you have too!  The time will fly in! 🙂

So, the first flight was actually pretty pleasant.  It was really busy, lots of kids, but they were mostly well behaved and I was sat next to a couple in their 40s from Denny who were off to Dubai for a week.  They were really nice, helped me with my enormo bag, offered me sucky sweets, etc.  I actually quite enjoyed the flight, altho I’d been dreading it.  I even watched, get me, TWO films!  Firstly Elizabeth – The Golden Age as I am into all the Tudor nonsense and then Juno which really was as funny as everyone said (altho had freaky faced Jennifer Garner in it – she could do with eating a pie or two). 

Arrived on time to Dubai and a relatively short while later I was on the next flight to Bangkok.  I was sat in the window again but this time with an English guy about my age by himself next to me and a silent African gent on the end who kept his sunglasses on the whole journey.  He looked like a fat P Diddy, or whatever he is calling himself these days.  Anyway, English guy turned out to have the loudest voice on the planet – seriously, you probably heard him in Glasgow asking if he could borrow my pen.  It later transpired that he had booked a flight for a 2 week stay in Thailand but had not booked anywhere to stay or had any real plan on what he was doing.  Rather him than me!  I managed to lose him when I got off the plane thankfully, as he was doing some hinting of sharing taxis – phew!

Immigration took approximately 3 millenia to get thru and then I managed to get my bag with no problem and onto a rickety trolley and I strode purposefully past all the limo service touts and found the public taxi stand and eventually managed to get my destination across.  I think I threw them slightly by presenting them with not only a map of where I wanted to go, but also directions and the address in Thai.  I was soon on my way tho and for about a third of the price I paid last time, so I had a silent celebration in the back of the taxi.

Now I am at the hotel, which is quite the nicest place I’ve stayed.  Despite arriving tired, dishevelled, probably smelly and very sweaty, they all wai-ed me when I arrived, opened the doors, took my bags to my room and then presented me with an ice cold glass of some sort of juice (chrysanthemum I think – yuck!  But I was so thirsty I’d have drunk mercury if it was cold) whilst I checked in.  I was SO GLAD to be here after all that.  I had 2 envelopes waiting for me – one a nice letter from the hotel manager thanking me for coming back and giving me free internets in my room (hence why I am blogging now) and the other a nice note from the secretary at new work saying hello, here is your pass for Monday and enjoy the free internets. 

So I have unpacked and I am amazed to find that I have only forgotten one thing.  Sadly, right now, it is the most important thing – my swimming costume.  I had to walk past the pool to get to my apartment and I was thinking GODDDDDD I can’t wait to get in there – and then remembered I have left my swimsuit nestled in the drawer at home.  I am seriously considering going down in my pants and a vest top as there is no life guard and I am desperate to swim!  It’s 31 freakin degrees after all!  I can wear my free bathrobe and slippers til I get to pool and no one will be any the wiser!  Ha!

So, tonite I will probably head out to get some supplies and something to eat and then tomorrow I am off in search of Marks and Spencers to buy a swimsuit.  It sounds bad to say that, but it really is the only place I am likely to find anything that will fit me since all the ladies clothes here are in tiny hobbit sizes (mar-c, you’ll have a field day when you get here!).

Now, I am off to contemplate the right pyjamas to wear in the pool!


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