My friend Rhodri has the A-Z on his phone

Where did the past week go?!  This moving to the other side of the world malarkey is a lot more work than I thought.  There is the house to tidy, the packing, seeing friends, business stuff, work … I’m knackered!

This past week have been productive.   On Thursday nite I battled my extreme fatigue to go out and meet my friend Elaine for dinner.  I had a really good evening as she is great company and the food was magnificent.  I have to heartily recommend Roastit Bubbly Jock’s to you.  It is, as may reviews note, not exactly in the most salubrious of areas, but the nice relaxed atmosphere and personal touch combined with the amazing food and reasonable prices make it somewhere I will never tire of.

I had a starter of wild mushroom and asparagus risotto, followed by the most tender lamb I think I’ve ever encountered and some bread and butter pudding with custard to finish (Elaine’s idea, honest!) – all in perfectly sized portions so you had just enough to satisfy you.  I think that lamb and risotto are going to go on my last meal on earth list.

Friday nite was another great meal out, this time for mar-c’s leaving work celebration.  I had chosen Nanakusa on Sausageroll Street, a new Japanese place which is so new that it doesn’t seem to have either a website or a decent write up anywhere – so you’ll just have to go and see for yourself.

 It’s waaaaay better than Ichiban or Wagamama – so much more to choose from, better service and plum wine by the bottle!  I had the chicken gyoza to start which were fabulous.  One of my colleagues had ordered the ungari (eel) to try and I bravely had a morsel – it was slimy and hideous, as suspected.  My main course of duck in a kind of plum/barbecue sauce was really, really tasty and a decent sized portion – in fact, so decent we didn’t have room for dessert, which was a shame as it seemed to be a platter of cakes that you got to choose from.  Maybe next time. 

Saturday was mostly spent doing boring things like shopping, tidying up, packaging Ebay things and the like.  Lee went out later to see his friend Dave along the road and I continued with the Ebaying.  We have managed to raise a lot of extra cash to see us thru our hard couple of months so it has really helped us a lot, altho there is hardly anything left in our house to ebay!  Then after Lee got back we headed to Clydebank for the second time that day to the cinema. 

We went to see Be Kind Rewind which we were expecting to be a laugh riot, but I would not bother if you haven’t already seen it.  It was amusing, but mildy so and the basic premise of the film was very sketchy (Fats Waller?  Why?!).  There were a few funny moments, but the most part it was a bit light on the laughs.   About half way thru the film, there was an incident just outside the cinema door with what sounded like someone who had severe mental issues having some sort of fit.  It went on for a good ten minutes so we were somewhat distracted by the grunts and groans of an adult in distress outside!

Sunday was finally finding a home for the bureau in the hall.  We had to decant our shoes to the cupboard, but it does look good where it is.  In fact, it looks rather like it’s been there all along and we now have somewhere to put all our loose papers and make the place look less cluttered.  We also visited Lee’s mum as it was Mother’s Day and gave her our gifts and played with the dog and then came home for more Ebaying and catching up on Series 2 of Weeds.  We were a bit disappointed as it turned out we had seen most of it, so I hope Tesco DVD rental hurries up with disc 2 so I can see it before I go.

Only 8 days until blast off – a bit scary when I think about it, so I am not thinking about it!  Last nite after we had dinner I realised half my back tooth had gone awol and I got very tearful as a) I am so paranoid about my teeth that it really panics me when anything happens to them and b) I was thinking who will talk me down when something like this happens?!  But I pulled myself together eventually!  As an aside I can’t get an appointment til Saturday at the dentists, so thankfully it’s not too sore (hope it stays that way!).

Oh, it snowed yesterday!  A lot!  It was really heavy snow all day but of course just before I left work the sun came out and melted it all.  It was weird walking to work yesterday morning getting covered in snow thinking this time in 2 weeks I will be baking in the heat!

This week is busy again – tonite is my only free nite and that will be spent tidying for the imminent arrival of my mum and also looking out photos for meeting my oldest friend Joanne tomorrow nite.  Thursday is mum arriving, Friday at work and then Saturday mum wants to go shopping and we’re having a family lunch, I think.  Sunday mum goes back home and then I am going to hopefully meet up with as many friends as possible at Home in the Merchant City – kill as many birds with one stone, as it were!  Monday will be a last farewell with Jo and Mar-c before I spend my last evening with Lee on Tuesday and then off to the airport on Wednesday! 

Still not sure where I am going to be staying, but should hopefully have more information on that tomorrow, as the people at the Thai office are going to go and look at the place they have in mind for me to live.  I hope that they think it’s a no go – I want a pool and this place doesn’t have one!  If you’re going to live like a king, you may as well go the whole hog I guess!

Now, I am off back to work and to eye up mar-c’s latest handiwork with my green-eyed jealousy – she’s really making the most of self-employment!  She is an example to us all!


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