You can’t send sperm in the post; it has to be cryogenically frozen or it’ll go off.

I am loooooong overdue an update on what is happening chez moi, considering my last post was all about my magical Friday.  You may be forgiven for thinking that it finished me off entirely and that I had just ended myself as it could get no better.  But I didn’t and here’s what I have been doing:

Friday nite turned out to be just as great as Friday day time, possibly better as it did not involve sitting at work and it did involve sitting in a pub drinking a lot.  Lee and I threw caution to the wind and had a much needed night out.  We went with Martin (metal) and his pals to a nite they were having at the State Bar which is where Lee and I had our first date, fact lovers.

We drank a lot of Miller and had a great time chatting and meeting new peoples and generally having fun and I even got to learn how to make a balloon animal:


 Martin drew a face in it for me altho I have no idea what the drawing is on his hind leg.  I sadly burst one of his legs in my bid to get in the front door so he is a bit lame.  The giraffe was also a casualty, burst before we even left the pub I think.  It was a very fun evening.

Saturday was less fun as I had a headache and the beginnings of an evil cold.  We hung about and then went vegetable shopping and to the butchers.  The rest of the day we just pottered round, cooking stew and not doing much at all.

Sunday I had full blown cold and I spent most of the day sneezing, bathing and packaging things up that had sold on Ebay. 

Monday was back to work, booo but it saw my visa stuff arrive, so I could make an appointment at the consulate (as you remember, it is in Maryhill practically).  My appointment is on Friday, which is by now tomorrow!  How exciting.  I also have this week organised my vaccinations – thankfully only one jag needed, a Hep A booster, as I had the Thai vaccinations for my first trip there.

Yesterday, my bike sold!  Hurrah!  The gal should hopefully be collecting it on Saturday – more money for the funds.  Yesterday also saw the arrival of this bad boy:


 You will recall from my magical Friday the bureau on freecycle?  Well, my boss collected it and we got it from her last nite and here it is!  Lee in a feat of Herculean strength carried it all the way up the stairs to our flat by himself.  It is in the hall now until we decide where to put it.  It has a wee section of dookits inside for filing things away which excites me greatly.  Lee and I have this thing where we are looking at other people’s tidy noncluttered houses and we always say, well, that’s all very well, but where do they keep their gas bill?  And now we have the answer for our gas bills!

Today is Thursday which is Valentines Day!  No over the top celebrations chez Brown – we have no pennies to spare for that sort of thing.   Tomorrow is visa day and then I will be able to book a flight and have a date for going.  And then it will all be real and happening and scary (scarier than it is already that is)! 


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