Have you tried the olive tapenade? It’s glorious.


This is the top of my fridge as of about ten minutes ago.  No, I have not taken leave of my senses, it is part of a blog series as tagged by Jo.

There is not much of interest up there:

1 bottle of Asda’s own brand bitter cranberry.  It’s about a third full.  We bought it at Christmas and had champagne cocktails with it.  They were very nice.  (I typed cockateils first time round).

2 boxes of free range eggs.  I will never buy another battery egg after seeing Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall’s thing about the poor things.  1 box is full and the other has 3 eggs left.  We used the other 3 eggs for dinner last night which was bacon and eggs, etc.  I scrambled them and they were fantastic.

Bamboo steamer.  Bought from Asda about 4 years ago and woefully underused these days.

Almost empty roll of Sellotape.

Copy of Glasgow magazine, as posted thru door by council.

Microwave.  A wedding present.

The fridge itself is more interesting.  Like mar-c, we have a huge collection of fridge magnets.  Whenever Lee or I goes somewhere, we try to bring back a magnet for our collection. 

Tune in next time for things I have picked up with my hoover!



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