Why isn’t there a universal shoe size measuring system?

7.00 Wake up.  Wide awake as internal alarm is set to this time for during the week.  I normally snooze it, so I do.

08.45 Wake up again.  Lee is still snoring.  Ponder having a bath.

9.00 In bath.  I like to have a bath on my new-found free weekends.  A bath to most people is probably a dunk, a few minutes soak and washing.  To me, a bath is a minimum of 1.5 hours of reading, soaking, relaxing, singing (if in flat myself), possibly playing DS.  Today’s bathtime extravaganza consists of 2 hours of soaking in Cath Kidston scented water (not scented by her, but by her bath melt things) battling thru the bit of Zelda I am stuck on.  I had intended to be out of the bath in good time, but I made such good Zelda progress that I stayed in.  A bath is always followed by a shower to wash hair, etc.

11.15 Drying hair.  It takes a fraction of time since I had 3.5 inches cut off it last Saturday (by the aforementioned Paolo).  Contemplating not putting any make up on as the only people I intend to see are the good shopkeepers of Partick, Lee and possibly Jo. 

11.20 Straightening hair.  Straighteners could really do with a clean.  Every time I use them I say a silent thank you to the hair gods that they have lasted this long.  I bought them with my winnings from the Grand National almost 4 years ago now.  It stands to reason that they are likely to pack up soon as a) no one else I know has managed to keep theirs healthy this long and b) I am so very poor just now that I cannot afford a new pair.

11.45 Pottering.  Lee is watching TV, probably football or cookery. 

1.30 Decide that the charity shops can wait no longer.  Lee comes with me to rein in my bureau buying.  I have decided that I cannot live another moment without some storage for living room, so head to the many charity shops of Dumbarton Road to see if there is anything that wants to come home with us.

1.40 First port of call is Emmaus shop which was apparently recently reopened by professional former hostage Terry Waite.  It has nothing to write home about.  The nice chairs I saw in there a few weeks ago (actually way before Christmas when I was ill) are of course not there anymore.  Inexplicably, amongst the jumble of 1970s wardrobes and DFS write off sofas is one of those partial shop dummies off of the 80s.  It’s silver and it is wearing a leopard print thong.  Hastily beat a retreat.

1.45  Maxie Richards posh charity shop has some muy nice stuff.  They have the most enormous brown leather sofa which looks like it could easily sleep 2 adults but it is sold.  They don’t have any bureaus either. 

1.50 Pass the Meat Counter on Dumbarton Road.  It is an innocuous little old fashioned bakers/take away shop, but it also makes birthday cakes and Lee and I like to slag off their cakes on the way past.  We note that they have new first communion themed cakes to replace their dusty Louis Vuitton handbag and bottle of bleach efforts from last year.

2.00 We are now entering the British Heart Foundation shop.  It is usually awash with bureaus.  Today it has but one.  We are quite taken with it but upon closer inspection, the key to the door is broken off in the lock and it is, of course, locked.  Decide it is not worth pursuing.  Spot a nice sideboard but it’s a bit big and dark for our flat and Lee is not as enamoured with it as I am.  Resist urge to play a Chas and Dave number on one of the pianos they have for sale and hit the street.

2.15  Stand on corner outside the bookies and ponder walking along to the Salvation Army shop.  Decide it is not worth it as the pickings have been very slender indeed the last few times I’ve been in.  We resolve instead to walk down to the greengrocers and indulge in one of our favourite passtimes – looking at vegetables.

2.25 Arrive at greengrocers.  The display outside looks very inviting.  I decide to get some cherries as they look very juicy (they later turn out to be exactly that).  We also get some massive Brussels sprouts, a leek roughly the size of a drainpipe, half a melon and cauliflower.  The staff are very jolly.

2.35 Walking back towards home.  Stop at the other greengrocers just next to Partick bridge.  It usually has satsumas, but they don’t have any today.  We get 2 very deformed parsnips instead, along with some fennel to try as neither of us have ever tasted it.

2.50  Almost home.  We cross over to have a peek at the menu of the new restaurant that has opened just along from us, Bibi’s.  It had a review in the Metro last week and it promised cheap and cheerful Mexican.  We both love Mexican food.  Resolve to come back and try it one day.

3.00 Home.  Unpacking vegetables and decide that I am so in need of refreshment that I will eat the melon now.  I cut it up and put it in a bowl and eat it all with a fork.  Lee does not like melon, so I am guilt free in my non sharing.  It is just what I needed.

3.30 Reading papers, watching TV.  Idly think it would be a good idea to tidy up a bit. 

3.35 Lee has a brainwave.  As I have “won” us a new-to-us sofa on Freecycle which we are picking up tomorrow, we need to rearrange the furniture in the living room a bit.  It would be great if the TV could be moved to the other side of the room, but the cables restrict it’s movement.  Lee’s brainwave is simple – move the cables.

4.30  Lee’s brainwave has paid off and the TV looks like it should have been there all along.  We debate where new sofa will go as it’s a bit bigger than our existing one.  We decide it will squeeze in ok.  Hurrah!  The new arrangement is MUCH cosier.  We relegate our armchair to the bedroom which also looks much better. 

5.30 Tidying up random things like a bag of Christmas presents I still have not put away, craft things all over table in living room.  The room is looking far more respectable.

6.00  Decide to reward ourselves with a takeaway for dinner.  Lee is dispatched to fetch it from our favourite Indian takeaway in Bearsden.  I continue with tidying and ponder a new craft project.  Watch a reality TV show about tribute acts.  Madonna is voted off as she is too German and annoying.  I am pleased.  The Bootleg Beatles are playing on the show.  The guy doing Paul McCartney is pretty convincing, but John Lennon is actually the corpse of THE John Lennon.  He looks like he died in 1980 and no one told him.

7.15 Lee finally returns.  He had stopped in at his mum’s to collect some pork (long story) and ended up staying a while.  I have plates all ready for dinner as I am starving.  We watch some rubbish TV and generally marvel at our ingenious of moving stuff around.

10.00  We are watching Family Guy despite having seen every episode ever made 15 times.  It’s still funny.  It turns out I missed one of the episodes, as I had not seen the one about Kiss. 

11.30  I am off to bed.  I ponder playing more Zelda, but I am sleepy and I cannot stay awake long enough.  Goodnite!

I didn’t take any photos for this post, I’m afraid.  Don’t forget to read the other participants posts:


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