Ivy, Rose… Tulip… there are lots of girls named after flowers.



As part of a series of blog posts by the talented gals I know, here is my contribution to what’s in your bag?

  1. Envelope that the voucher for my haircut came in.  It reads A.EDWARDS. Paolo 2pm SAT.
  2. 2 packets of Orbit gum in mint mojito flavour plus assorted empty wrappers of said gum.  This stuff is only on sale in US and there are a small band of addicts in Glasgow so I guard it with my life.
  3. Passport in pleather Primark holder.  You never know when you might be needing it!
  4. Foldy up hairbrush from muji – it’s a great brush as it is one of those hard plastic ones that really gives your scalp a good going over.
  5. 3 badges – one made by me with a chapping cat on it, one with angel bunny on it and one by Little Robot. Also, a 20p and a 1p piece.
  6. Small tube of Norwegian Formula handcream and some lip gloss that makes your lips feel like you’ve been slapped in the face with a bag of frozen chips.
  7. Grey beanie – belongs to Lee but I borrowed it. Ipod and usb cable for it. Tide pen.
  8. Package to be posted today – an order for a MF customer. Pen, new owl felt toy I made (not sure how it got into bag tho).  Lipsalve.
  9. Swipe card for work
  10. Octopus dreaming of donut bag made by mar-c.
  11. Tissues from Poland
  12. DS with Zelda
  13. Purse
  14. Small tupperware box with salted pretzel sticks in it – forgot to snack on them at work
  15. Keys for work
  16. Anti sickness tablets given to me by doctor when i had winter vomiting. Also russian doll keyring which has fallen off my key
  17. Banana – looking a bit manky now.
  18. Little hip hop dancing guy who dances when my phone rings.
  19. Keys for house
  20. THE bag!

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