Four quid for a bath bomb! That’s just insane.

So there I was this morning, standing at the cold and lonely bus stop on Maryhill Road again, listening to Interpol and considering stepping in front of the next passing vehicle when a car drew up.  It was one of my colleagues offering me a lift to work.  I was momentarily stunned as usually they just sail right past me.  Yesterday, for example, no fewer than 7 people drove straight past me standing freezing me ass off at the bus stop.  However, today one of them stopped and I had a nice journey to work in a warm car. 

The only blight on this cosy landscape was the fact that he had Rock Radio on.  Now, I like rock music as much as your next common or gardener, but Rock Radio sucks, as they say, the boaby.  It’s always old-man-Top-Gear music that is on and really cheesy local radio adverts and it generally makes my skin crawl.  It is only a short journey tho, so it should have been ok.

Apart from he stopped at the cafe en route to pick up breakfast for some of his colleagues and left me in the car, with the engine running and the radio on!  I didn’t like to fiddle with it as it was not my car, so I left it running and tried to resist the urge to put my fingers in my ears.  And then Aerosmith came on the radio with their jaunty tune “Janie’s Got A Gun”…

Oh, how it took me back.  I am afraid to say that Aerosmith were one of the first bands I ever saw live.  I was but 13.  I am even more ashamed to say that at the time, I L-O-V-E-D it.  Steve Vai was supporting – I remember being right down the front and everything.  I think this might be my deepest, darkest secret.

The first band I ever saw live (if you do not count the Crackerjack Roadshow’s backing band) was Bananarama.  Me, my aunt and my mum went to Edinburgh for the day and I remember being too excited about seeing them to eat my dinner (in Pizzaland, where all the furniture was that hideous 80s dark green).  I wanted to BE in Bananarama so much!  I remember asking for a black bowler hat just like they wore for Christmas that year.  I was 10.

My next foray into live music came only a couple of years later when the same aunt took me and her other 2 nieces to see New Kids On The Block at the SECC (the scene of the Aerosmith crime too).  I had been a HUGE fan of NKOTB the year before, but had gone off them by the time the concert came round.  This was back in the day when you would buy concert tickets like a year and a half in advance.  We still had a great time, I recall, but we had pretty much moved on to Take That by then, as they were more grown up in our barely adolescent minds.

I would like to think that over the years my musical taste has improved somewhat.  Who was the first band you went to see?


4 thoughts on “Four quid for a bath bomb! That’s just insane.

  1. Michael Jackson live at Glasgow Green! He even cried during an emotional song. Ah back in the days when we all thought he was a sweet eccentric…..I was 13 and wore my baggy dungarees. It was fab.

  2. Manic Street Preachers maybe? There were lots of skinny guys wearing eyeliner, chains around their necks and crying. I didn’t enjoy it much as I was not a fan.

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