My mother-in-Law bought me nipple tassels for Christmas… I’m quite glad I spiked her drink now.

Good intentions, eh?  I’ve managed to start off the new year with possibly the worst start yet.  New year celebrations were not really as fun as I had hoped, followed by back to work with feelings of RAGE (why, WHY am I still here?!) and now to cap it all, Lee’s employers have dicked him over and he’s now instantly out of work. 

So, my goal for January is going to be find us both new jobs, with the urgency somewhat stepped up.  I can’t believe we are back to stressville after last year – I think we have surely already served out our sentence from the punishment gods, surely?  But no, here we are, back at the coal face again for 2008.  Whoop.

In other news, it’s Tuesday.  That means it’s Craft Mafia meeting tonite.  I am going against my better judgement – it clashes hideously with the new series of CSI!  Bah.

Other than that, there is not much on the horizon to look forwards to.  We’d planned on taking a holiday if finances permitted in the next month or 2, but I think that will have to be curtailed somewhat.  I could SO go a week in the sun!

Jo and I are doing a car boot sale this Sunday to drum up some extra fundages, I will try not to spend more than we make. 

In fat fighting news, yesterday started off very well but we succumbed last nite when the employment bombshell was dropped and ate some millionaire shortbread as consolation.  It was that or bleach, so I think it was a good choice.  Today has been good so far – homemade fat free soup for lunch and snacking on sugar snap peas – mmm!  I do really like them.

In craft news, you will be agog, I know to hear news of the poodle.  Well, I think I could have it completed possibly by the end of next week!  I’ve spent a lot of time with it over the past week or so and I am confident of having it done soon.  THANK FUCK 🙂

Now, I am off to ponder some more sugar snap peas – rock and roll!


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