We are blessed by unseen deities

So, there we are then – that was 2007. 

It was  a strange year for me.  I think I could sum it up in one word – frustrating.  I was so looking forwards to the first part of the year – my birthday was fun and then we went off to America and had a great time.  But the middle part sucked.  We were very skint, and then all the stuff with selling the flat – I almost had a nervous breakdown (seriously).  The last part of the year was SO busy but still fun, and altho we are still very broke, I am a bit happier than I was mid-year when I did a lot of crying and assessing of my life.

I documented my 2007 in photos over at my other blog here.  I’d like to say that I enjoyed doing it, but in the last few months it became a chore, largely because I was so busy.  I won’t be doing it again in 2008, instead I’ll just blog more here (ha!).

I am a great believer in new year’s resolutions, but not very good on acting on them.  This year is the first year that I’ve really felt the need to make any for a long time (probably since I was about 8 and I resolved to stop biting my nails – I still bite them now).

But, 2008 for me is the year in which I will no longer be grotesquely fat.  Now, before we go any further, any comments from well-meaning bystanders saying oh, come on you’re not fat will be deleted.  I am fat, and until now I have been pretty ok with that, but it’s affecting my health and I no longer want to have to squeeze into my jeans.  I’d rather not be out of breath climbing the stairs and I would like instead to be a bit less fat.  Not thinner, just less fat 🙂 

So, blog readers and real-life friends, I need your help.  I need you to not let me slip from my goal.  It’s so easy to fall off the cake wagon, as has happened before.  So, don’t let me.  I am not going to be a diet nazi or talk about it incessantly as that would be boring for all of us.  But eating more healthily and exercising more are the best way to start.  Jo, Lee and I all went to Scottish Slimmers before, and I think that for me this might be the best approach again, so I’ll be enroling in a class in the new year and getting down to it!

As I mentioned, it is affecting my health – I have, apparently (and look away now if you are squeamish!), polycystic ovaries, which as far as I can tell from my own personal situation is due to being too fat.  I am borderline diabetic also which is related to that and so the troughing cannot and must not continue!  I don’t want to die young – which sounds melodramatic but is in reality what will happen.  So, I am going to do something about it!

I will try not to drone on too much about it, but please help me by not waving cakes in my face.  Cake Tourism will have far less contributions from me next year!

Now, that’s out the way!  But I do have other resolutions -one of which to get my finances sorted out!  I want to be in a much better position next year – it’s important that if we are wanting to move to the US that we leave as little debt behind us as possible.  So I am going to be making 2008 the year of thriftiness!  Also, on that moving to the US thing – I hope to be well on the way to that in 08. 

It will also be the year that Miso Funky really takes off – I can feel it in my waters!  Jo and I have put in SO much hard work that it will surely pay off in 2008!  mar-c has done such a wonderful job of our new website, that it cannot fail to bring us good fortune!

Back to the here and now.  I’ve been really enjoying doing NOTHING altho I have felt a bit lost having nothing in particular that needs to be stitched or wrapped.  I really enjoyed having my mum to stay with us – she’s taught me to make proper lentil soup (no fat!) which I’ll share when I make it again, we went shopping in the sales (thriftiness doesn’t start til tomorrow!) and generally hung out.  It was a nice, relaxed Christmas which I needed after the chaos of the preceeding 2 months.

We went into town on Saturday and hit the sales and I bought a much needed new pair of jeans, some tops and cardigans from Monsoon and new shoes!  Proper grown up shoes at that, which I am wearing now at work (yes, working on hogmany – my company sucks) with a view to breaking them in and possibly wearing them tonite to NYE celebrations.

Tonite we are going to Superfly, a soul/funk nite at the Woodside Social club – you may recall we went there for Lee’s birthday in July.  It was a great atmosphere there and it’s not hugely far from our house (2 miles maybe), so when the inevitable taxi drought occurs in the early hours of tomorrow morning, we can walk it home if need be!  We’ll be going with the Barwaletts aka Harold and Madge aka Jo and Ryan and some others and it should be good fun!

Tomorrow is of course designated hangover day and also dinner at my brother’s house.  My 2008 resolutions will not be starting tomorrow as it’s such an unrealistic day to start any good intentions when all you want to do is eat cheesy wotsits, drink irn bru and stay in your jammies all day (altho I suppose it is a good day to give up drinking, as the nation will probably be declaiming “i’m never drinking again!”).  My new year of good intentions will be starting on 7th January as this is our first proper week back at work and in any sort of routine.

So, there we go – that was 2007, as I said back at the start.  Here’s to a better, happier, healthier and fun-filled 2008!  Happy new year to all of you!


2 thoughts on “We are blessed by unseen deities

  1. I found your blog while following a comment you left on mine about the Tide Pen 🙂

    I too am in the quest for losing weight for health reasons, so I’ll kick your butt if you kick mine, LOL!

    Good luck!

  2. Hey lovely,
    I think snacking on mange tout will just make you want to MANGER TOUT (eat everything)! I have been reliably informed that a really good way to lose weight is to have 5 or 6 smaller meals throughout the day, maybe at 3-hour intervals. It’s suggested, nay, recommended, for people with blood-sugar issues, cos you avoid the ups and downs and hunger pangs.

    I gotta say, last year for brekkie every day I had a big bowl of rice soup – could add some rice (brown rice if you like, for the added fibre and fullness it gives you) to your lentil soup or whatever – and I was my slimmest ever when I did that. It gets the metabolism going and you can make it really yummy with your fave soup. I dunno – do you like savoury breakfast?
    Another thing is, there’s something called PSYLLIUM HUSK which you can get in health-food/natural shops; it’s a natural bulking thing that you mix with water or juice and drink. It fills your tum up.
    And a fave brekkie of mine is some dried figs, soaked in OJ overnight and then eaten with some plain yogurt.

    love love love x

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