What perfume am I wearing? It’s called Febreze.

Gaaaah!  What should have been a nice peaceful Christmas Eve has been somewhat manic.

I am at work, but no biggie as there is not much to do and I was organising work tombola (that went very well by the by and I won a nice box with some Julio Gallo wine and lindor chocolates – mm!) and that is fun.  But I learned this morning that some bastarding idiot has cloned my bank card and thus I have had my card cancelled and I can’t use it online or owt!  Bah!  I’m so annoyed, that is the second time this year!

Also, my hospital appointment for the 27th has been cancelled and shunted to 3rd January – I only found this out because I phoned to check the time!  Nice of them to let me know!!!

Anyway, I am now simmering down to a low boil and letting goooooo.  Lee’s just been to my work to collect a desk so we can borrow it to eat dinner round as we have gone from having 3 people for dinner to now having 7!  So, full on FUN from here on in!

 Have a good Crimble people – I’ll be back on Friday probably.  Day in the life of remember on Boxing Day!


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