Xavier! Wait here! Xavier!


Well, the ballet!  This was the highlight for me – the ice cream I had for dinner in the first interval.  I’m a pretty open-minded type of gal, I’d like to think, but as Jo said, despite it being a ballet, there was just too much dancing.  There was little focus on the actual plot (it was Sleeping Beauty, but half way thru Snow White, Cinderella and Little Red Riding Hood gatecrashed and were leaping around a forest along with a homoerotic bluebird) and too much repitition, even for my untrained eye.  That said, it was a good evening in good company in our fancy clothes!

So what else has happened – well the final craft fair of the year, hurrah!  Saturday was a spectacular success, we sold lots of things, lots of things are now out of stock and we even raised a fair wodge of cash for McMillan cancer care with the tombola we ran.  I think it was what is referred to in the trade as a rip-roaring success.  All the stallholders I’ve spoken to so far had a great day, takings wise, and it was great to end the year on such a high note.

Now I know you are thinking oh great, they’re finished, we can all have a rest – but it’s not as simple as that  my friends!  No, instead of relaxing this week and enjoying Christmas’s run up, we are slaving away still on a giant order of tea towels and a whole colony of sock monkeys!  But by the end of the week we will be well and truly DONE and we can start to think about our own Christmas instead of everyone else’s!

I am really looking forwards to Christmas now, as I think the weekend’s festivities pretty much kicked it off for me …

weedryburgh.jpg  weeme.jpg  weefrostyhill.jpg

On Saturday after the market, me and Lee took off for the beautiful Scottish Borders for his work party.  Now, I say party, but there are only 3 of them in the company, Lee and the 2 bosses, so they each brought their partner and there was  a sixsome. We stayed at the Dryburgh Abbey Hotel which was very swish and our bed in our room was roughly the same square footage as Greater Manchester.

We got changed into our gladrags (70% off in Monsoon sale dress, fact fans) and headed to boss #1’s room where we all drank a magnum of champagne and chatted (and I surreptiously watched smoking hot Gethin on Strictly Come Dancing). Then we all headed downstairs to a party night thing and had dinner which was surprisingly good for that sort of thing (a carvery buffet thing – the beef was melt in the mouth!) and then there was a terrible DJ and we sat and chatted and I drank all the remaining wine in the country and then we adjourned to the lounge where I drank all the remaining vodka and then I couldn’t see any more and I went to bed (I think).  I remember waking up at 4.55am with half my clothes on and make up all the place and then I remember actually properly waking up with a mild headache, disproportionate to the vast lakes of wine consumed.

Then in the morning we got up and had breakfast with boss #2 and his wife (who is also Welsh, fact fans).  My main gripe was that the potato scones (which, I learned, boss #2 loves almost as much as I do) were bizarrely toasted rather than fried, which in my eyes is as big a faux pas as saying Hitler was an alright guy.  They had gallons of cranberry juice on offer tho which was really needed.

After breakfast we went for a short walk in the grounds.  It was about minus 2 degrees tho (literally) and I had wet hair and no socks on, so we didn’t last long.  We did take some lovely photos tho, it was really quite scenic.  Then we headed back up the road and got busy tidying the spare room, buying more sock monkey innards (i.e. going to Dunelm Mill to buy toy stuffing) and generally having dinner and faffing.

Today work has sucked as one might imagine – I’ve been trying to inject some Christmas spirit into the place but have found that the miserable bastards that I work with refuse to actually get into it.  Some of them are quite rude in their shunning of the festive season and it depresses me.  Maybe I take it too personally, but when we all work in a pretty rubbish atmosphere and you try to make it better marginally for them and all they want to do is throw it back in your face, it can be hard not to take it personally.  But there we are!

Tonite I will be mostly sewing a coaster, a reject and some tea towels and then maybe sleeping!  Tomorrow Jo and I will be having a sock monkey marathon and then on Thursday nite is work Christmas party which WILL be fun, no matter what anyone says, as I have organised it!  It has a casino/old Vegas theme and we’ll have proper gaming tables and free drinks all nite and it will hopefully be better than the drink-athon that we usually have.  This weekend is frighteningly free!  What does one usually do on a Saturday?  Anyone?


3 thoughts on “Xavier! Wait here! Xavier!

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