I sometimes got to Cambridge and see Stephen Hawkings running around…well…not running so much as wheeling…

If like me, you suffer from major clumsiness in most aspects of life, then you will be the sort of person who invariably spills half their dinner down their front every day.

So, there are 2 tips I can offer you.  Firstly the tried and tested:


The Tide Pen

This little pen just makes stains disappear!  It’s amazing.  My mum introduced them to me after Anne in Cincinnati gave her one and now I have about a dozen of them in various handbags, drawers and cupboards.  You can’t get them here (yet!) but I am sure to stock up on them anytime I am in America.

The second piece of advice I’ve not tried but it is about using baby powder to get rid of the toughest of stains – the oily stain.  You can read all about it here.  I will look forwards to trying it soon – probably right after dinner tonite!


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