He used to drink three double whiskies before he started work. He was always crashing his forklift.

Yesterday did briefly get better when I discovered an email asking for THIRTEEN tea towels and 2 samplers, so I did enjoy a brief feeling of jubilation, but the rest of the day was quite, quite dreary.  Today has not been much better, mostly because of a replay of yesterday’s bus woes.

This morning I forewent make up and even doing my hair to it’s normal poker straightness and got to the bus stop for 7.50am.  I was still there at 8.30am waiting for the bus.  I was wet, cold and miserable, so I took it out on the bus driver who told me to call the depot. I fired off an email to them instead, I could not face speaking to the moronic people at First Bus.

Today I have been shuffling emails round and trying to look busy. But perhaps I should stop trying to look busy. Maybe I should just get my sewing out and be done with it?  I was going to sew at lunchtime but had to post parcels instead.  How is one supposed to go through life sitting at a desk with their brain rotting away?  It does sound great having nothing to do at work all day and being paid for it, but the novelty soon wears off, I assure you!

This seems to be a bad time of year to be looking for jobs as there is just nothing coming up.  The most frustrating thing about the total inactivity during the day is that I have SO MUCH I could be doing if I could not be here!  I’ve so many things to make, for the stall/shop and for Christmas, plus the bathroom could REALLY do with a clean!

This evening, Jo and I are going to Ikea for frames for the billion samplers we have done/to do and then I have to sew up a sock monkey – whoop!


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