They say blind people never actually fall asleep.

It’s fair to say that this week has had it’s highs and it’s lows.  It started badly with a snoozy Monday at work which was SO boring I could almost feel moss growing on my skin.  Tuesday was no better, boringness descended into a blinding headache and an evening of being peeved.

Wednesday tho – well, let’s say that the commuting bubble has well and truly burst.  The bus I got on in the morning on the way to work actually CRASHED into a parked car, meaning a delay in arrival at work and a story to tell everyone.

Then I had to leave work early to go to the dentist on the south side – which meant another 2 buses there.  I have had so much dental work done in my life that I am usually not phased by even the most brutal of root treatment, but for some reason (possibly too much anaesthetic) I was like a loon, trying to remove the dentist’s hand from my mouth, mumbling, etc.  I was even crying at one point and the nurse had to hold my hands down so I didn’t smack Mr Personality-Less in the chops. 

So after my ordeal (which has another phase to it in a few weeks, sadly), I had to wait for another ice age for a bus, along with a very elderly and infirm looking Pakistani gentleman, who I exchanged pleasantries with during the epic wait.  Only for the bus to finally arrive and the driver give us both a hard time for me letting Mr Old Man on the bus first!  I am not sure if it was racialism disguised (it certainly seemed like it), but I had to give it to the driver with both barrells, through my entirely numb face.  I told him to concentrate on the driving and I’d worry about the etiquette, dickwad.  Huh.

 Yesterday was duller than I could possibly imagine, with my job interview being shelved after it turned out the job was based in Edinburgh (I would never hack the commute there, if I want to kill myself going 3 miles up the road).  So my day off was cancelled and I came to work instead and worked on applying for as many jobs as I could find. 

Then today … yes, more dullness.  I’d like it please if someone could possibly inject some purpose and/or excitement into my life!  Chris Tarrant has still not rung, so he is now officially in the bad books.

Next week I have the prospect of a lunch date with Shereen Nanjiani to look forwards to (more on that once it’s confirmed) and a craft evening in East Kilbride, and that’s all before the grand opening of the Glasgow Craft Mafia.  Onwards and upwards …


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