Lobster, crab and shrimp and all that are the insects of the sea, it’s true.

Breaking news – you can get Wispas in the Spar!  I was in there yesterday morning and they had TEN boxes of them.  You should all go buy them NOW so they bring them back permanently.  But would they taste as good if you knew you could get them anytime?  Hmmmm.

I forgot to say I also went to see Calvin Harris last weekend with Marveline.  The very excellent Errors were supporting, I hadn’t seen them before but I liked them a lot.  Especially the guy at the front’s apple jumper.  Calvin had tonsilitis so did a half-assed best off high-speed run thru of the “hits” and was back in bed within the hour.  Poor boy.  I would like to go see him again in Nov as even tho the place was populated by loons high on mega-expensive Becks, the atmosphere was pretty good, re music/party vibe.

I am so bored at work I could shoot myself in the face.  I don’t even care that I could be getting monitored doing this – I am past that stage.  A P45 would be a welcome distraction today!


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