In this day and age! Still with the queen on money and stamps! It’s crazy!

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Yes, I are a slacker in the blogging stakes.  I meant to post a big long Polish update, but I was busy when we got back and then time kind of slipped away and now it’s almost a month since we were there!  There are LOTS of photos on my flickr page, which you can see if you would only just for the love of Mike click here.

So, here is a run down on where I have been:

1) Commuting.  Travelling by public transport to and from work has not been anywhere near as nitemarish as I had expected.  Of course, now I’ve said that, I’ll be forever more plagued by the drunk, dying and drugged to the eyeballs …   I was very good for the first while, walking along to Partick, but I quickly discovered that I could get a bus from right outside the flat at 830am and still get to work on time, so that has gone out the window and I am now enjoying the extra 20 minutes in bed instead.  Yes, I am lazy, but what are you going to do about it?

2) Poland.  I am sure I probably mentioned it about a squillion times, but we were in Poland for my brothers’ wedding last month. It was quite an experience.  Altho I’ve been to countries where I have no grasp on the language before, this was a bit different as it felt like I should as it wasn’t exotic.  The town itself we were staying in was rather like going to Elgin or East Kilbride on holiday, which was weird, but the wedding was fabulous.  Aleks, my new sister in law, looked stunning in her dress and Andrew looked so happy, it all rather brought a tear to my eye. 

There was lots of vodka drinking – instead of wine or champagne, it was vodka all the way.  The reception started at about 6pm and was still going at about 430am when I went to bed (just as the Birdie Song struck up!).  Then it was back to more vodka swilling and singing the next day at another day long party for family.  It was such a fantastic time, I will try to post about it properly if I get a chance as there is LOADS to tell.  In the meantime, just look at the photos.

3) Charity shopping.  I passed a very enjoyable Saturday afternoon last week with marveline browsing the approximately 20 charity shops in my area and beyond.  It was not a GREAT yield, but a few bargains nonetheless, including some great record bowls which are now in the shop.  I also encountered some of the most amazing tea services that weekend which are also in the shop, although one of them sold within literally 10 minutes of going live to a fellow crafter.

4) Eating Wispas.  Wispas are back!  How exciting!  I loved Wispas more than anything else first time around, so when I heard they were back, it was earth shattering news.  I heard had stocks so I bought some and shared the love with some friends (if I’ve missed you out, it’s only cos I haven’t seen you yet!).  They really are THAT good.  I hope they bring them back permanently.

5) Crafting.  I’ve made a whole bunch of stuff lately – emo-broidery samplers, babygros, magnets … so far, not in the spare/crafting room, but that is next on my agenda for getting sorted out.  We’ve also been busily booking up events for Miso Funky up to Christmas (our busiest time), and it’s shaping up to be a VERY busy period!  You can see what I’ll be up to here.

That’s all for now!


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