The warranty costs more than the toaster itself.

The stress is all over!

We can move on with our lives and I’ll stop grumping.  Sorry!  I might actually get to do some proper crafting/blogging/living now.  Not quite yet tho – today I am at work on a Saturday, watching 2 boys clean the carpets.  I’ve been spending a lot of time to console myself on indiepublic, a sort of crafting myspace.  Hop on over.

 I also found today a nice t-shirt site called Kid Pirate.  I especially like the Moody Ghosts tshirt!

Another find today is where you can shop by style/item, etc.  Hopefully Miso Funky will turn up there soon!

Rest of the weekend is hair cut today (it’s been a while and is in dire need of a chop), ass shakin with Jo tonite and then craft fair tomorrow.  Oh, and we should really unpack some more, etc… FUNNNNNN!  It will be fun now we don’t have the doom of the legal stuff hanging over us – yayyy!


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