Anita Dobson… it’s not on.

What have I been doing this week?  Well, most of it’s revolved around the seemingly never ending saga of the ceiling, but I will try not to drone on about it too much!

Sunday we had the craft fair at the Botanics.  It was not good.  Our stall is a bit different from the mostly traditional stuff there which we thought was a unique selling point (USP, marketing fans).  And it was for a while, but the summer months have not been kind to craft.  We ended up making zero sales for the second time ever (the only other time ever being at the same fair) and so we were not pleased.  We will give it one last try and then we’ll maybe have to call it a day.  We did get loads of crafting done tho and my mum showed up with lunch and we had a great time chatting and slagging off the crystal stall groupies.

Monday was work doooooom.  Tuesday I was off for a breenj around town with Mum after the ceiling people had been out to agree with me that it looks terrible.  I met Mum and we went to DiMaggios for lunch which was nice.

We had a browse round the shops afterwards for shoes for Andrew’s wedding for her and a dress for me.  We ended up in the changing rooms of Monsoon for the better part of an hour being personal shopped for, which was a lof of fun.  It was also fun as mum still has it in her head that she has to buy us presents when she comes to visit, this time in the form of a dress for Andrew’s wedding.  I never usually buy clothes in Monsoon because altho I really like them, they are quite expensive, but I tracked down a nice dress in the sale for a bargainous £22.50, reduced from £85 so I was most pleased (We both like our bargains). 

After Monsoon, we met Aleks and went with her to her wedding dress fitting.  Her dress is beautiful and she looks stunning in it – can’t believe it’s only 3 weeks til the big day and thus our jaunt to Poland.  Really looking forwards to it now. 

Wednesday back to work and then off to Paisley for dinner with Mum, Dad, Andrew, Aleks and Lee in an Italian/Spanish place called Carlito’s in Paisley.  It was really nice and a great evening of banter.  Dad always has a story to tell, so it was a lot of fun.  Afterwards we went back to Dad’s flat where they’d been sorting out some old photos, some VERY embarrassing ones of me and Andrew – Andrew was king of the mullets and no mistake!

Yesterday was another afternoon wasted off work waiting for the ceiling man.  I could have spat in his uncooperative eye (both of them).  Least said the better.  Jo and Ryan sloped off to the Leeds festival too which made me v jealous as we were supposed to go with them, but for flat/money woes.  They’ve been entertaining me with sending photos of them in their festival gear in the blazing sunshine and texting me updates from their cider fuelled campsite – the slags.

This weekend is bank holiday weekend, yay!   However, we’ve no money to go and play crazy golf, as was my idea, booo!  But we do have plenty to keep us occupied at home, let’s face it – packing all our stuff, cleaning, etc.  Just playing crazy golf would be much more fun of course! 


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