Tell her what you want. That girl believes anything

I’ve been meaning to write a proper post for ages, but things just keep getting in the way.  I’ll have to do a cop out round up type one instead, sorry!

So where have I been?  Sadly, right here.  The house may be sold, but we are effectively homeless three weeks from today, so it’s safe to say my stress levels are through the roof.  We’re halfway to having somewhere to move to, but I still am worrying (usually in the dead of nite) that we’ll be out on the street in a cardboard box by the end of the month.

I’ve also been busy with crafting my ass off – emo-broidery is proving to be fun and popular with the masses.  My latest foray into sweary stitching is the fuck you coaster!

Craft Mafia is also taking off and I have stupidly volunteered for the organisation of the launch event – stupidly because i have what feels like NO TIME, but I am actually very eager to get on with it as we’ve been talking about it for what feels like millenia and we’re now getting down to it.

Umm, what else – that makes me sound like I am not busy at all, but I assure you I am feeling most run off my feet!

Jo and I started our healthy fitness plan and lasted all of ONE session at aqua aerobics – it was so much fun!  We must go back to it.

I bought a new cardigan and the jacket of my dreams despite being so skint it’s not funny – I will post pictures.  They have enhanced the quality of my life, so I guess it is worth it. 

I also bought a dress for my brother’s wedding which is in about 5 weeks in Poland – he’s gone there this week and it’s 32 degrees today!  And it’s pissing it down here, as per bloody usual.

I’ve also been to Linlithgow last weekend for a craft fair which was totally dead – but Linlithgow was very pretty and you can see photos here.

 We also had a day out in Helensburgh supposedly for a craft fair, but we got the wrong day – we still had a nice day out nonetheless as these photos show.

I started writing this at work, but unfortunately a power cut put paid to me getting it finished and published for the weekend.  In fact, it turned out to be a S-H-I-T-E weekend.  I rather feel like there was no weekend at all.  The power cut turned out to be waaaay more than a power cut.  In my new capacity of king of the building (aka Facilities Manager), I had to arrange for an electrician to come and look at what was causing the issue – cutting a very long story shorter, Lee and I were here til 11.30ish on Friday nite trying to get it fixed and then again for several hours on Saturday with the electricians replacing the bit that had melted.  Neither of us was or is still amused.

Sunday I went to visit Lex and Tex and had a very pleasant afternoon being sat upon by their kitty Jeanie.  She’s such a hairy monkle, so cute and very warm.  It did hammer home to me tho that I am a) too selfish to have a pet and b) too impatient and easily riled to really be using public transport on a daily basis.  It did nothing for my mood, and in fact I’ve been in a huff with the world since Friday.  Today I am full of rage, sitting at my desk trying not to speak to anyone lest I either smack them in the face or burst into tears.  My boss has given me some of her super strength painkillers for my rage-fuelled headache tho, so hopefully the rest of the day will pass in a pleasant blur.

I have today learned tho that Jo’s prediction about Lidl’s tomato soup being just the same as Heinz is true. It may look like it came out of a 1987 Farepak hamper, but it tastes mighty fine and all for 19p a tin.  I heartily recommend it. 

That’s all for me, I promise to post again sooner than next century!


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