Have you decided on the wallpaper or are you sticking with magnolia?

020707-580.jpg120707-015.jpg   020707-474.jpg  020707-511.jpg 

 Yes, as you may have noticed, I’ve moved my blog over to wordpress.  So far, it’s working out very well.  I am not going to ramble on about how fabulous it all is – I’ll leave that for the geeks.

So, yes, it’s been another absence of some weeks.  I am most sorry to the 3 regular readers of this blog.  I feel I have done you a disservice.  I won’t promise that it won’t happen again tho, as we all know (all 4 of us) that it will happen again in mere days.

A lot has been going on tho, in my defence.  There was the amazing weekend of joy with jo and mar-c up north, read all about that on mar-c’s blog.  I will try and post my highlights from that at some point, but her description is pretty much spot on as to how utterly joy filled it was.  You can see the photos of course, here. (warning – there’s a lot of them).

Then there was Lee’s birthday celebrations which started at the weekend there and culminated in a curryfest on Tuesday with Jo and Ryan, much fun.  They gave Lee a robotic arm on a stick for his birthday, which he has been playing with ever since.  Jo made a tremendous cake, which was to die for – lookee at the top there.  It was amazing.

Also on Tuesday, we sold the house!  We were over the moon to have it all finalised, so that means our excited search for a new home can start.  We’re looking to rent a 2 bed flat in the West End, so anyone who has any ideas, let me know! 

 That’s all for now, back to house hunting!


One thought on “Have you decided on the wallpaper or are you sticking with magnolia?

  1. Hooray I’ve found you. I’ll need to change the tag on my blog. Best of luck in finding a flat in the West End. There are some absolutely gorgeous flats there.

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