It’s easy putting your vest on back to front.

Inspired by mar-c, here is my very own list of procrastination techniques:

  • Opening my tins of buttons, taking some out and then putting them away again
  • Flicking thru Sky TV’s kabillion channels to check that CSI isn’t on somewhere
  • Looking at my Flickr contacts contacts to see if I’ve missed anyone interesting
  • Checking my RSS feeds every 13 seconds
  • Clicking the random article button on wikipedia and stocking up on random facts
  • Taking out fabric, looking at it and then putting it away again
  • Picking the fluff out of my hairbrush
  • Reorganising the things on my desk
  • Deleting old text messages
  • Checking my Yahoo mail every 3 minutes
  • Thinking of all the things I would do when I win the lottery
  • Mentally composing strongly worded letters to the council

There are many more but these are all I can think of right now.


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