Acupuncture doesn’t work like that… it’s about dampness and reducing

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Here we are, this is one of my lovely purchases from Sunday. It’s a vintagey necklace from Stella My Star. I like that it almost looks like one of those party ring biscuits off of the 80s. I would encourage anyone to buy things from Stella My Star for the following reasons:

  • The things are lovely, especially this necklace
  • The things DO NOT BREAK
  • Many things have owls or monkeys on
  • Jo is lovely
  • It will support the Geordies

I think that is more than enough reason to wear these things.

I also bought 2 pin cushions from Evil Twin but I think they are too good to be going sticking pins in. They are cacti! Or cactuses if you want to be pedantic. The girl from Evil Twin and her possible actual real life not evil twin who is The Black Button are 2 of my very favourite customers, as they seem to L-O-V-E the rejects. You can see them being happy with their purchases here.

Last nite I got busy making the invitations for Andrew and Aleks‘ wedding. I rashly promised to have them done before I go on holiday (did I mention I am off on holiday?), so I need to get them done this week. It is slow going though and I need the expert eye of Jo to help with the actual printing. It will have to be fitted in amongst all the other billion things I need to do this week, I am not sure I will have time for sleeping until Cincinnati – No! Sleep! Til Cincin! as some wise rappers once (almost) said.

This week is:

  • Community meeting to find out what is happening behind our house
  • Possible meeting re: project: zinc shoes
  • Meeting in Edinburgh all day Thursday
  • Fair on Thursday evening
  • Meeting up with Catherine to extol the virtues of Bare Minerals make up
  • Catherine‘s hen day at the Radisson hotel spa
  • Making some bags for my hair dryer, straighteners, etc to travel in
  • Tidying the hovel that is our flat

Now, I must be off and decide what massage to have on Saturday – wheeeee!


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