I can’t believe she’s getting rid of my old subbuteo set.

I am a big fan of jazz hands, but it would appear that I am nothing but a rank amateur when it comes to putting on the ritz. Last nite, Catherine very kindly slid her spare ticket to Chicago my way and I had a fabulous nite out with her and her parents.

I have only been to the theatre twice before – once about a kajillion years ago to see Saturday Night Fever in London with my mum and on honeymoon in Vegas to see the Blue Man Group (you MUST see it if you ever get the chance), so it was quite a novelty to be there at all. I probably looked like a loon up from the country, I hope Catherine wasn’t too embarrassed!

The show itself was spectacular – the cast, none of whom I’d heard of, were excellent – with all the singing and dancing at the same time, they never missed a note and the seats we were in gave us a perfect view of the action. There was even a man translating the entire show into sign language – something I hadn’t seen before. The guy doing it was great and really got into character with the facial expressions and dancing! I thought he was going to start high kicking at one point, but he managed to restrain himself.

I’ve been humming “All That Jazz” all morning and no doubt annoying my new neighbours at work. I have moved desks from the second coldest place in the building to the MOST coldest place – I didn’t think it was possible for it to get worse, but as I am sitting here with GLOVES on, I have proven it could. I have been used to being able to mutter to myself and laugh wryly at stupid colleagues’ emails, but I must remember not to do that so much as the people sitting behind me are probably ready to commit me to Carstairs.

Today, I can hardly believe it, is my last day at work for FOUR DAYS! I am quite pleased by this. However, only one of those days is actually not taken up with craft things, given that we have 2 craft fairs and a craft party. I will also need to do things like organise travel insurance, get money changed and find something to wear to the numerous weddings coming up. But I am looking forwards to spending some QT with Lee along the way too, as I’ve been so busy I’ve not seen much of him this week.

Back on Tuesday – Happy Easter, and as Jo’s gran says – remember the reason for the season!


3 thoughts on “I can’t believe she’s getting rid of my old subbuteo set.

  1. I’ve seen Blue Man Group twice – once in Boston and once in New York. I agree with you – everyone MUST see that show.

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