You’ve got to bear in mind that Germans are 75% water.

Sock Monkey Bag
Originally uploaded by mooosh.

Last nite I had a jaunt to OKO Express on Queen Street with Jo to meet mar-c and her mum, before they went on their own jaunt to Amsterdam this weekend – lucky them.

We had a lovely, chatty evening, I got fabulous early birthday presents and some nice Japanese food. The gyoza though, usually my favourite side dish, were hideously undercooked to the falling apart, cold in the middle stage. And they don’t have plum wine! The horror!

The evening was made for me by this fabulous bag from mar-c – I must take a photo of the inside, it has BANANAS in it! It’s so cute! It came all the way from Japan too where it was handmade by a lovely gal named Kazumi. I’ve emailed her to thank her and it turns out we are both obsessed with sock monkeys. You can visit her store here.

Anyway, not much is happening now. My manic business of the past week at work has suddenly stopped, meaning I can catch up with other things. Also, it’s my birthday party this Sunday, so I need to get tidying. I want to make some bags for our bathroom, so will hopefully get started on that tonite – I will of course keep you posted on that particularly crafty development, dear readers. I’ve got my brother’s wedding invites to make too this week, but as they are no nearer making a final decision on what they actually want, work has halted somewhat prematurely on those.

The houses are almost all gone round the corner – one lonely block remained this morning which I am sure will be gone by the time I get home this evening. The sky has gone very grey here and the air is cold and still – almost like we could have … dare I say it … snow! Fingers crossed!

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2 thoughts on “You’ve got to bear in mind that Germans are 75% water.

  1. It’s quite sad seeing houses being demolished. Are they going to put something nice up in their place? How are you coping with this train strike? Hope you have a lovely birthday party.

  2. They have been talking about building new houses since before we lived here, over 2 years. But I don’t think we’ll see it whilst we are still here, that’s fo sho.

    I am coping well with train strike – I get a lift to work every day! Lee is finding the traffic bad to work and back, but I am pretty unaffected.

    Thanks for birthday wishes! 🙂

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