I don’t like the sound that ducks make when they are sad.

Demolition Begins
Originally uploaded by mooosh.

Look! The scummy flats are going! Yay! I managed to grab this snap on the way to work this morning. They really are going for it, not hanging about. It is wise – if they leave their equipment unattended for any length of time it will be stolen and/or set fire to.

Work is mega busy, necessitating some working late-age. My job is either annoying quiet so I have to try and find things to fill my days with or it’s absolutely manic. It’s the latter just now.

It has meant that crafting has fallen somewhat by the wayside of late, but I did have a bit of a craft frenzy on Sunday evening. I made:

* A bag for my sewing machine cable
* A sock monkey (which just needs to be sewn up)
* Inroads into making a pair of Lee’s old jeans into a skirt

I also fixed up the bargain sewing box I found in Dunelm Mill bargain basket in Clydebank on Saturday with a vintage button and doesn’t it look grand!

This weekend, Lee and I went to the cinema in Clydebank to see Hot Fuzz. It was not as funny as I expected, which seems to be a common consensus, although it did pick up in the second half. It was still very enjoyable though, I must say. I do find Simon Pegg very funny, but he’s not yet surpassed Spaced, in my humble opinion.

The best part about going to the cinema is of course the snacks, as with most things in life. I am a big, big fan of slush in it’s varied forms and at the Empire cinema in Clydebank, they stock Tango Ice Blast. I had the lemon and raspberry flavours combined in one cup and it really did rock my world. Given the choice between a liquid refreshment and a slush-based one, I will always take the slush one. Even in the dead of winter. Cold drinks should be cold, proper cold. It annoys me that in this country we still have to ask for ice more often than not.

Anyway! My birthday approaches this Sunday and we are going to having a proper old skool birthday party in the house, with jelly and icecream, sausages on sticks and pass the parcel. We are also going to have a pinata, so let’s hope it doesn’t rain. Or not too much, at least.

We have some markets coming up which I am not going to drone on about – if you are interested (and you undoubtedly will be!) you can click here for the where and whens.

This week I will mostly be:

* Dining out
* Working late
* Eating cake

for next week, the fat fighting begins in earnest!


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