I bring you death.

Update! The vouchers have arrived. They were a nice cheering up present to me on Thursday which was day one of my being off work sick time. I have contracted the lurgy and this time it hit me rather harder than previously. So Thursday was spent on the sofa watching day time television and half heartedly sewing rejects (as I find it very difficult to just watch TV these days without making something). Sadly I got all the way through Midsomer Murders before I realised it was part 1 of 2, which could have been rather infuriating had it not been that I was sufficiently ill to have another day off on Friday (for the record, John Nettles fans, the twist in the story was indeed the one I suspected within the first 10 minutes in episode 1, but it was well done all the same – the villain was foiled by a hotdog, I shit ye not).

Friday, I had not even the energy to put needle to felt, such was my lethargy. I stayed on the sofa, with my hello kitty pyjamas and the nice blanket that my evil cousin gave us for wedding present and sneezed a lot. I did make a brief sortie out to the shops at the end of the road for sustenance (for sustenance, read a bottle of Barrs pineappleade and a packet of giant chocolate buttons), during which time I made the following observations:

  • Maryhill is populated entirely by dullards
  • All the dogs of Glasgow have, at one point in the past week or other, defecated on Gairbraid Avenue
  • The price of pineappleade has sky-rocketed in the past 10 years

The walk along the road also afforded me a view of the flats marked for demolition in daylight. They are not really any less forboding when you see them out of darkness. Lots of them still have light fittings, things on the walls, etc. All the bathrooms seem to have wooden pulleys, which must have been fitted when the flats were built, such is their apparent age – that really is a thoughtful council. There is also a man living in the blue portakabin, which now boasts not only calor gas, but also a portaloo mere feet away from the door. That guy must feel like the king. I saw him with a pot of water in his hand, fiddling with the gas supply the other day. I felt sorry for him, but not sorry enough to offer to boil the water for him, of course.

Saturday, I awoke feeling nearer to death than the preceeding 2 days, but as I’d agreed to meet Aleks to see her wedding dress, I struggled out of bed and into town. The dress is beautiful, it really does suit her. This year is shaping up to be wedding tastic, with no fewer than 4 people I know getting hitched. I must start thinking of an outfit for me to wear to all these events.

Anyway, after the dress appointment, I realised that I had not got all the component parts for the wedding invitations I have agreed to make (or at least make some samples to see if they like them), so I had to trudge round town trying to find diamante heart shaped buckles. Needless to say, I didn’t find any. I had stupidly left my mobile at home also, and of course got home to a text with news of a stockist. I gave up and bought some on ebay instead.

As I was feeling a little bit more chipper by the time I got home and had a crisp sandwich (has to be warburtons bread with margerine and walkers cheese and onion crisps), Lee and I took a run out to the Fort shopping place. I’d never been before, but as they have a giant Virgin (the shop that is – there are no actual virgins that far east of Glasgow, ho ho), I thought that would be the best place to spend my vouchers – all £260 of them, as they clearly didn’t have any £10 vouchers left in the office when they sent them out.

Lee and I wandered the aisles of Virgin rather morosely for ages – I really did not envisage it being that difficult to find something to spend all that cash on. But it was pretty difficult. I chose the top of the range iPod, a couple of CDs, a t shirt, a DVD and 2 books, only to discover when I got to the counter that Virgin have apparently stopped selling iPods in Scotland! Why? No one knows. Not even Richard Branson, probably. I was told I could “try coming back in a month, maybe”. Or I could try going to England and buying one. Or, even better, “try Argos next door”. I was peeved. But I have emailed Virgin (sadly not Richard himself, but he has more important things to worry about just now) to ask them what is going on with their iPod madness.

Anyway, that was me wiped out for Saturday, and indeed so it seemed Sunday, as I didn’t even make it out of bed yesterday. I stayed put and watched series 1 to 3 of Hi-de-Hi in their entirety. I LOVE Hi-de-Hi, but even I was getting a bit cheesed off with the theme tune towards tea time. I even had a go of Animal Crossing yesterday in the lull between DVDs – it’s stopped snowing and I won the fishing tournament with a rather small sea bass. They were clearly just being nice to me as it had been a record 7 weeks since I’d stopped by. No one had really noticed much that I wasn’t there – Bluebear resolutely refuses to move out whatever I throw at him (literally), and the new people who have moved in were completely non-plussed by my return. It all seemed so green and shiny and new and I caught 2 new fish, it was quite fun.

Must go and gulp down some more flu medicine.


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