Don’t touch my memory stick.

A recipe!

Fish Surprise

You will need:

nb: the quantities are all dependent on how many people you are making it for. bento lovers will want to make more than they can eat in one sitting. this is ideal for bento!

spring onions
tinned chopped tomatoes
sesame seeds
soy sauce
chili (in either actual chili or paste form)

Chickpeas, I hear you cry! Have I gone all vegelesbian on you? No, no I haven’t. But chickpeas are my new favourite thing. Not vegetables, but pulses, apparently. Well, I never.

Put the rice on to boil. You can be doing the rest while it does it’s thang. If, like me, you are completely incapable of making rice without it turning into a big gloopy mess and/or it sticking to your good Jamie Oliver pots, then get another responsible adult to do it for you.

Stick a little oil in your wok and heat it up. Stick in the garlic and the chili and give it a few seconds til it starts to smell lovely.

Slice up the spring onions and stick them in the wok. Likewise the mushrooms.

Open up the tin (and they will be tinned if you know what’s good for you) chickpeas and wang those in the wok too.

Add a little chickpea juice and then the tin of sweetcorn without draining it, so you have some juices from that too.

Sprinkle in a few sesame seeds and some basil, either fresh or dried. Add a splash of soy sauce here too if you fancy it. I think I also added some red wine vinegar, just because it was sitting near the cooker.

Once it is all bubbling away, and your rice looks like it might be ready in a few minutes, add the tin of chopped tomatoes.

Stir it all up together and let it simmer for a few minutes. You still want it to be a bit runny here.

Once the rice is ready, scoop it all out into the wok and mix it all up together.

Voila! Fish surprise!

The surprise is, there is no fish in it.


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