There is milk in the house, we just don’t know where it is.

Would you believe it? I have only been and done it!

Finally, after over 10 years of being a big scardey cat, I’ve had my ears pierced. Not exactly achieving a cure for the common cold, I grant you, but for me it’s been quite a big deal! And certainly the start of what I hope to be the year I make the most of things. And the end of people being stuck for what to buy me for birthdays.

Today was such a fun day, despite the truly atrocious weather we are experiencing at the moment. Jo and I had designated today charity shopping day, so we set off after a long lie in our respective pits, stopping off first at China Town. To say China Town sadly does not describe the true nature of it – it is essentially a shed and a restaurant, it’s no San Francisco, that’s for sure.

The stench of fish is almost unbearable when you walk in and if I’d had any breakfast I would have surely been in danger of losing it, but we battled on, stopping in the Omni gift shop for some money envelopes and moving on to the supermarket for a browse. I picked up some cooking sauces and Jo bought some stuff for some recipes she is trying out and before we knew it our parking time had elapsed, so we headed back out, stopping sneakily at the bakery on the way out. You can see the fruits of that particular labour over at Cake Tourism.

Once back to the car, we headed down Great Western Road and had a stroll along to the Republic Bier Halle for some lunch (the goulash is recommended). We had a jaunt across the road to Lupe Pintos where I bought some things for going to visit Lex and Tex next week (Tex aka Rebecca is, as my pet name for her suggests, from Texas). We were pretty soggy by this time, so we thought best to press on and get to Partick to our favourite cluster of charity shops, where we hoped to get some materials for our latest ideas. Once we got parked, we made our way to the Sense charity shop where we dropped off our donations and picked up a few great finds.

After a very damp (in fact, damp doesn’t do it – sodden) walk along Dumbarton Road, we headed up Byres Road and into Burning Monkey, a piercing studio recently relocated from the city centre. The girl there, altho she was initally duller than a lead pipe, turned out to be very competent and once she’d finished her pot noodle and sterilised herself, pierced me in no time at all. I was most shocked that it didn’t really hurt, more just sort of throbbed briefly and then settled down straight away. I am still slightly in awe of my pain-free ears. They just feel pleasantly warm.

We finished our day up with a drink and a read of the Skinny mag in Russells and a sneaky bit of chocolate cake to share. I feel like I’ve really crossed something off my list of things to do this year! Tomorrow I have planned a trip to the post office to shed my latest load of ebay sales and then … nothing!


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